The price of this watermelon is 80 thousand taka!


The price of this watermelon is 80 thousand taka!

International office: Who doesn’t love a bright red sweet watermelon? But have watermelon lovers ever tasted Charkono watermelon? You will be surprised to learn that this square watermelon is specially produced in Japan.

However, if you sow the seeds of this watermelon, any watermelon will grow. This watermelon is grown with great care. In Japan, this watermelon is known as an elite fruit.

Watermelons sold at high prices are usually given as gifts. The price of each watermelon varies from 300 to 800 dollars.

In 1975, rectangular-shaped watermelons were successfully produced for the first time. However, it was not easy to think of producing such watermelons. This watermelon was first grown in Gensuji City with long-term testing, research and patience.

The city of Gensuji in Japan is famous for the production of watermelons. Watermelon is usually plentiful in the summer. From there, it was thought to bring an innovation to watermelon that would only make Gensuji famous. This thought, however, did not fail. Charcono watermelon can now be called a trademark of Gensuji. They became popular in a short period of trade promotion and expansion.

There was another reason behind the cultivation of the Charkono melon. It is its form. It doesn’t take a lot of speed to cut a watermelon into squares. It also stores easily in the refrigerator. This watermelon takes up less space in the fridge or any storage.

The production process of Charkono watermelon is simple. A transparent square box is formed smaller than a ripe watermelon. It is fried with watermelon when small. As a result, the watermelon takes on a square shape.

Japan makes a good profit by exporting these watermelons. To buy such a watermelon, Americans have to pay from 100 to 500 dollars! Even after packing and all, some watermelons are sold for $800 or around 80,000 taka.

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