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The promotion of the film “Katha Deim” has started in Qatar

The promotion of the film “Katha Deim” has started in Qatar

Qatari businessman and singer Jasim Uddin Akash’s BD29 Multimedia company produced the Bengali film “Katha Deim”. The official promotion of this film has started in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The film is said to be released on January 27.

The campaign was launched by wearing a T-shirt with the logo of the Bengali movie ‘Katha Deim’ in Doha Al Markia, the capital of Qatar, on Thursday evening (December 8) local time. The campaign was officially launched by Alim Ullah Khokon, CEO of Jazz Multimedia who visited Qatar, popular singer Akash Sen of two Bengalis, Jasim Uddin Akash, CEO of BD29 Multimedia, Anwar Hossain Mamun, Branding Manager of BD29 Multimedia and others.

Political and socio-cultural figures from Qatar, expatriate Bangladeshi businessmen and journalists working in Qatar were also present on this occasion.

Also present on the occasion were: Abdul Jalil, Mohammad Enamul Haque, Khairul Alam Sagar, Mozammel Hossain Sohag, Ismail Imu, Atiqul Mawla Mithu, Yusuf Patwari Lincoln, Akbar Hossain Bachchu, MA Salam, Ahsan Ullah Sajeeb, Saddam Hossain, Syed Arif Uddin, Raja Rajib, Anas Uddin Zarif, Israel singer Aleem Apan etc.


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