The race is over in just three months, this series of Star also leaves with TRP at the bottom

The race is over in just three months, this series of Star also leaves with TRP at the bottom

Bangladeshi office: bangla serial channels (serial) fell off. Several serials close with consecutive lines. No one gets a reduction from new to old. Whether at the bottom of the TRP or in the top five, when the slope drops to the top of the megas. The literal meaning of mega series has changed now. Series now end in three months instead of three years.

Apart from Zee Bangla, Star Jalsa, soap operas from other channels are not spared either. Another name has been added to the latest list. ‘Vikram Betal’, Jalsar star SiriYalti started the journey only three months ago. The series based on the fairy tales is being completed in a few months.

It is known that Vikram Betal is closed well before the scheduled time. The series was in practice from the beginning on the place and time of broadcast. The series was originally scheduled to air on another channel. But then Vikram Betal got a spot in Star Jalsa after changing channels. Although TRP was at an all time low due to not having a good time slot. Vikram Betal is finally coming to an end.

The series was made based on the story of Betal Panchabishti. The filming of the series ended a year ago. The show started late. Jay Mukhopadhyay and Subhashish Mukhopadhyay were seen in completely different looks as Maharaj Vikramaditya and Betaal. Joy was seen on the show after several days.

Aakash’s popular eight-channel “Kanchi” series is also coming to an end. This series has long held the title of channel topper. Kathakali Chakraborty and Farhan Imroz played the main roles in the series. Ayesha Atreyi Bhattacharya played the role of the villain.

Apart from that, the last day shooting of Star Jalsa Dhulokana and Madhbeelata is already finished. But both series gave a good TRP to the channel. Panchami and Bangla Medium will start in place of these two series.

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