The real character of Rajesh Khanna revealed by his wife Dimple


The real character of Rajesh Khanna revealed by his wife Dimple

Entertainment Desk: Rajesh Khanna has earned the title of Bollywood’s first superstar. Once upon a time the daughters of Assamudra Himachal ignored the king of romance Rajesh Khanna. Audiences were mesmerized by his on-screen heroism, do you know how Rajesh Khanna was as a person in his personal life? Check with his wife Dimple Kapadia.

As colorful as Rajesh Khanna’s career was, his personal life was no less varied. Million Women Idol Rajesh Khanna married lap-aged Dimple Kapadia. The “Bobby” Dimple actress was a rising Bollywood hero then. Rajesh Khanna starred in Sat Pak with 16-year-old Dimple.

Two children were born to them after the marriage. Both have daughters, Twinkle Khanna and Rinki Khanna. Rajesh-Twinkle’s married life took a turn after the children were born. Because Rajesh Khanna wanted a son in his heart. He was not at all happy to have two daughters. So said his wife Dimple Kapadia.

The surprise does not end there, after the birth of baby girl Rinki, Rajesh Khanna did not see his daughter’s face for five months. Once in an interview, Dimple said this in his own mouth. Dimple informed, “Actually, Rajesh Khanna was not at all happy with the birth of Twinkle and Rinki. Because he wanted a son when he was a kid. And that’s why he got angry and didn’t even look at his daughter’s face until five months after Rinki was born.”

From this interview with Dimple, we understand what kind of person Rajesh Khanna was as a father. Rajesh and Dimple’s relationship has seen many ups and downs since then. The actor has also been involved in extramarital affairs. Dimple began living apart with her children after learning of the act from her husband. But Rajesh Khanna’s illness brings them closer.

Rajesh Khanna fell seriously ill in his last life. This time Dimple stood next to Rajesh Khanna. He again returns to the house of Rajesh Khanna ‘Aashirvad’. In the end, Rajesh Khanna realized his mistake. Then he apologized to his wife for his actions.

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