The rush at the end of the series, this chain topper ends in a surprising way!

The rush at the end of the series, this chain topper ends in a surprising way!

Bangladeshi office: In the world of Bengali television, the soap opera (Serial) is about to disappear. One after another, whether old or new The series ends abruptly. Even though the TRP is good, the story of the series falls without notice. Several series of two leading chains have already been closed and will be in the future. A channel name has also joined the list.

Aakash’s popular eight-channel “Kanchi” series is also coming to an end. This series has long held the title of channel topper. Kathakali Chakraborty and Farhan Imroz played the main roles in the series. Ayesha Atreyi Bhattacharya played the role of the villain.

He was the first to announce the end of the series on social networks. He wrote: “The tour is over. Kanchi is finished. I will miss you all very much. I’ve played many villainous roles, but Rohini will always be special to me.” We know that the last episode of the series was filmed on December 1st. However, it is not known when the last broadcast.

The Lalkuthi series has already ended at Zee Bengal and Sohag Jal has started in his place. Two new series are still waiting to start. It is known that G has two weak serial flying squadrons and if this path does not end, they will have to leave to make room for new ones.

The image is also similar in Star Jalsa. Filming for the last day of Dhulokana and Madhabeela has already been completed. But both series gave a good TRP to the channel. Panchami and Bangla Medium will start in place of these two series.

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