“The same pain happens again and again, no one understands” – Dainik Amader Shomoy

“The same pain happens again and again, no one understands” – Dainik Amader Shomoy

The popular face of West Bengal is actress Aparajita Adhya. From the film set to the neighbors, even the neighbors feel he’s invincible. At the end of the year, the actress, who was so cheerful, said she was not feeling well. He shared his extreme pain with everyone. He said, ‘The same pain happens again and again, no one understands this pain!’

According to Anandabazar’s report, “Lakshmi Kakima Superstar” series is coming to an end, actress Aparajita Adhya herself said. Almost a year of travel is over. Aparajita got very emotional after the last day of filming. It is thanks to this series that Aparajita and Devashankar Halder obtained their first audience on the small screen. So at the end of filming, he expressed his feelings by taking pictures with everyone.

Aparajita wrote, “Today was my last day of filming for Lakshmi Kakima Superstar. What happens when a series ends? Everyone will say what happens again, the beginning of a new series. It’s the rule of life, when something ends, something begins. But every day a family is formed by moles, the emotions of the whole family, that is, all the actors, actresses and crew members die. Having to suffer this pain more than once. Few understand the pain she is in.

Suffering from the same pain for many years, but the pain is the same. Aparajita said, “There were a lot of colors in the story. If it was thought of like that, then the series would have continued for a few more days. I am not happy.’

Aparajita Aadhya ‘Hami’, ‘Mati’, ‘Noor Jahan’, ‘Oscar’, ‘Prajapati Biscuit’, ‘Samantral’, ‘Nawab’, ‘Mary Piari Bindu’, ‘Ex’, ‘Belashe’, ‘Open T Bioscope ‘ ‘, ‘Jewelry Box’, ‘Chupkatha’, ‘Laptop’, ‘Madly Bengali’, ‘Bajimat’, ‘Mahulbanri Serenj’, ‘Ke Apan Ke Par’, ‘Tumi Aar Me’, ‘Chini’, ‘ Ekannavarti’ , Starred in the movie ‘Bella’.

She starred in ‘Taka Na Sona’, ‘Beyond the Song’, ‘Advitiya’, ‘Kankanjali’, ‘Rannabaati Galgapp Bhoj’, ‘Maa’, ‘Sera Bouthan’, ‘Jalnupur’, ‘Chokher Tara Tui’, ‘ Puni Pukur’, He successfully acted in the series ‘Sannyasi Raja’, ‘Rannagharlakshi Kakima Super Star’.

Aparajita won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress in “Praktan.” Apart from this, he also received Chini, Ekannavarti and Sarva Television awards.

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