The secret marriage of the actress who gave up acting

The secret marriage of the actress who gave up acting

Entertainment desk: A few months ago, actress Sahar Afsha said goodbye to acting due to religion. This time the popular actress of Bhojpuri films in India has revealed the news of her secret marriage.

Actress Sahar Afsha

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Sahar Afsha performed the wedding ceremony in Bangalore on October 11 in the presence of her family and relatives. The former actress kept the wedding news a secret for about two months.

However, it is not known who Afsha married. But he shared some photos from the wedding on his Instagram. And wrote in the caption, ‘Mehndi in your mind.’ In the photo, Afsha is dressed in a green-yellow lehenga. He covered his head with a red veil. Jewelry entirely in gold. English letter ‘A’ is visible in mehndi dyed hands. The letter “A” would be her husband’s initials.

Sahar Afsha posted on her Instagram about her decision to quit the showbiz arena. The actress said, “In the name of Allah Most Merciful, I have decided to leave the showbiz arena.” I want to spend the rest of my life with the mercy of God and the Islamic system of life.

Thanking the fans, Sahar Afsha said, “I am grateful to my fans for giving me fame, respect and love. I never thought of such a childhood life. Accidentally entered the arena of showbiz. And from there my rise in the world of cinema. But now, I have decided to leave the world of money completely. The rest of my life will follow the path indicated by Allah.’

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Asking everyone to pray, this actress said, “May God accept my repentance, that’s why you should all pray for me.” May I live my life in accordance with the laws of God, for the welfare of mankind. I hope, not for the past life, but remember yourself for the future life.

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