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The separation of parents should not affect the life of the child

The separation of parents should not affect the life of the child

The word “breakup” is very painful in any relationship. Which ruins a lot of things in life in an instant. Especially in family relationships, the separation of parents has an impact on children. The emotional pain that the child goes through before and after the separation can be ignored by the parents because of their own ego.

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They argue over each other’s faults before going their separate ways. Seeing that the children are frightened. Again after the separation, both consider the children as their property. And so the one who wants to keep the child close to him in his own way. Children don’t understand who is good and who is bad in this battle of law and emotion. In this situation, they distance themselves from their parents and create their own world. The impact of what changes in the future life of the child.

When there is separation between husband and wife, both will know about the children. It must be remembered that the bitterness of their relationship can cause children to be questioned in society. So, at that time, Dr. Kedarranjan Banerjee, an eminent Indian psychologist, gave special advice to parents to maintain the morale of the child.

1. When there is no other option than divorce as far as husband and wife are concerned, both must share the affair with the child. Under the pressure of any situation, they must stay away. But because of this, the child is not a problem for them And it should be known that the child is not responsible for the separation. It is often seen that the parents deliver the child in their quarrel in front of the child. Due to its negative effect, the child suffers from criminal tendencies.

2 In the same way, both must be assured that the child will be cared for by whoever he is. Do not allow them any harm or inconvenience Children can live separately with their parents if they wish However, such incidents rarely occur If the parents do not want to sit together, they will talk to the child separately But it should be noted that the speech of the two people must be the same.

3. Because of the separation, the child’s rule of being with the whole family is broken. Because they have left their father or mother and are alone, children may have a mental breakdown. Psychosis such as conduct disorder, hyperactivity disorder, behavioral problems (eg, truancy, school refusal, oppositional defiant disorder, etc.), impulse control disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder. A conduct disorder involves a child’s propensity for delinquent acts If this nature persists even after age 18, Samtan becomes asocial Children with hyperactivity disorder become overly active Perhaps he will be silent again Behavioral issues include children running away from home, not wanting to go to school, and going against what adults tell them to do. Wisdom from friends is more acceptable then Impulse Control Disorder Causes Children to Get Angry for No Reason Children with obsessive-compulsive disorder are just as obsessed as adults.

In this case, the mother must take the lead You must understand with a cool head, with compassion, what to do None If the mother is working, she must accompany her during labor The child must understand You must understand well , even accepting ‘separation’, one can live a normal life Do not utter any insulting words on behalf of the adversary If someone says the child should be taken away from them Other family members will also help explain to the child If you are absolutely unable to do this, you should consult a psychiatrist

4. It is wrong to try to respond to the excessive affection of the child, considering his own weakness as the reason for the separation. So to get used to normal life –
Do not abuse, pamper, discipline Behave normally Involve the child in household chores Let him take on small responsibilities Because a slightly older child cannot accept someone new quickly Give both people a chance to meet in private This will bond The child may feel embarrassed when suddenly confronted with the “new father, mother”

Sometimes the child grows up and takes advantage of this accident to try to achieve his own interest This is called manipulative behavior To get rid of this problem, the child must clarify his position from the beginning of the separation .

After all, it is also necessary to adapt to the fact that the child can return to the other party while he is a minor.

The role of parents in childbirth is undeniable. In the same way, the main and one of the responsibilities of parents is to build a healthy and beautiful life for their children. We must not forget them, the first thing that disturbs the life of their children is the word divorce. Therefore, parents must ensure a clean environment for their children, taking into account the legal and social status, because children are not responsible for the breakdown of their marriage.

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