The show that sums up our time – Amrita Bazar


The show that sums up our time – Amrita Bazar

This final season is based on the Civil War theme. There is a sense of impending doom as the violence unfolds in the streets. With President Biden declaring Trump’s Maga program a threat to democracy and Trump calling him an “enemy of the state,” it’s more chillingly touching than ever. “It’s shaping up to be kind of an explosive moment, which looks to be good for the season, if not the world,” Robert said. It’s a setback they’ve faced many times before – he admits that if Trump never wins, ‘The Good Fight’ will be “a little less of a good show, a little more down to earth”.

As the show draws to a close, the cycle of crazy news shows no signs of stopping, and the Kings may find new inspiration for years to come. But now that they have complete control of the narrative, they’re ready to buckle down and finish the show however they want. They admit they are “tired”, especially leading Evil, another show that explores the conflict between religion and science. Additionally, they are executive producers of the upcoming film Happy Face, an adaptation of a real-life podcast about a serial killer’s daughter, and, conversely, the US version of British comedy show I’d Lie. you?

There is, however, one aspect of the making of the show that they will miss. With the world turning heads, The Good Fight has been cathartic not only for its fans, but also for its creators. “As showmen, we used the show for therapeutic purposes because it felt like — and it wasn’t just Trump, it felt like the wagon had gone off the rails,” Robert said. “We had to find a way out. It was probably a good show for that and it was therapy for Michelle and me.”

The final season of The Good Fight is now streaming in the US on Paramount Plus.

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