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The sleeping boy at the Mumbai bus stop is today’s “Bollywood Badshah”.


The sleeping boy at the Mumbai bus stop is today’s “Bollywood Badshah”.

Entertainment desk: Everyone knows Shah Rukh Khan as a great actor. Do you know this Shah Rukh Khan? The one who does little; From a small and insignificant person who became today’s King Khan?

Shahrukh Khan spent his childhood living with his parents in a rented house in Delhi. At school, Shah Rukh excelled in studies as well as hockey and football. Shah Rukh was flawless in both matches.

Perhaps this impression is reflected in ‘Chak de India’. In his college life, the ghost of acting hung over Shahrukh’s head. The pressure was so intense that he dropped out of school in the middle of his master’s degree and headed for acting. But those who are unlucky, let the “evil” keep coming from all sides.

At that time, his father died of cancer. A few days later, Ma-O left the world. The sea dries up where misfortune wants.

Shah Rukh Khan is in serious financial difficulty. Accordingly, the work of presentation of cultural programs. Where he used to get only Rs.50. Shah Rukh said, “When I came to Mumbai with the aim of acting in films, I had no place to stay, no food, no money. ‘

Around this time, he began to work in small roles in television soap operas. It was a lot for Shah Rukh.

Shahrukh performed for the first time in a film titled “Kaavi Ha, Kaavi Na” and earned Rs 25,000 from it. He buys the cinema tickets himself on the day of the release of his film. Even then, he used to sleep at bus stops and by the seaside in Mumbai.

But the year 1993 not only changed Shahrukh’s career, but also changed his whole life. And gave India a “Bollywood king”. After five years of difficult life, the movie “Deewana” was released. In this film, Shah Rukh played a parallel role opposite Divya Bharti along with Rishi Kapoor. Shahrukh’s entrance into this film is through the song titled ‘Koi Na Koi Chahir…’.

The movie ‘Super Duper Bumper’ became a success only thanks to Shahrukh.

Every song from this movie has gone viral not just in India but across the subcontinent. The “Deewana” craze continued long after 1993. Has the madness stopped yet? I still can’t hear ‘koi na koi chahire…’

He won the best first film award with this film. Shah Rukh said “I signed the film for creative play, I needed to catch up more than what happened next” is known to all. Today, Shahrukh Khan is not only the King Khan of Bollywood, he is the second richest actor in the world.

Today is the actor’s 57th birthday. Fans across the subcontinent wish her birthday in different ways.

Release of long-awaited ‘Pathan’ teaser, Shahrukh shakes Bollywood by storm

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