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The starmaker or the master of the enemy


The starmaker or the master of the enemy

The film ‘Captain of the Ship’ is said to be the producer. Thus, the main craftsmen of the film industry are the producers. Some of these directors make masala films with commercial success in mind, while others aim to present the history of the country-society-people in an artistic form in front of the camera. Subhash Dutt is a second generation producer.

But it cannot be limited to this identity alone. His influence on the dhalwood industry was no less. He was one of the inventors of the stars. Many stars came to the silver world by his hand, and many stars gained fame. Kabri, Suchanda, Ilyas Kanchan, Ujjal and many names are in this list.

Subhash Dutt was born on February 9, 1930 in Dinajpur. He dreamed of becoming a producer since childhood. Due to the family’s wealth, he could do movies if he wanted. But no, he followed the true path. He went to Bombay and took a job in a film production house with a salary of only 30 rupees. The salary was not the main thing, he especially wanted to enter the inner world of cinema.

Subhash Dutt came to Dhaka in 1953. Worked in a campaign agency. Where he made posters. The history of Dhaliwood is once again woven into this poster. The country’s first children’s film “Mukh O Muksha” (1956). Its poster was designed by Subhash Dutta.

Before he started working as a producer, Subhash Dutt also made a name for himself as an actor. ‘Ae Desh Tomar Amar’ is his first film under the famous director Ehtesham. After that he acted in many other films.

It’s safe to say that Subhash Dutt walked all the way from the streets to the aisles of the cinema before coming to production. So, every time he made a movie, audiences and critics enjoyed it with fascination. He made his first film in 1964. Name it “thus”. Legendary actress Kabri started her career starring in one of Dhallywood classics.

Some of his other notable films are ‘Paper Boat’, ‘Mirror and Remain’, ‘Arunodayer Agnisakshi’, ‘Abirbhava’, ‘Balaka Man’, ‘Sabuj Sathi’, ‘Vasundhara’, ‘Morning Sandhya’, ‘Dumorer Phul’ , ‘Najma’, ‘Abdar’, ‘Agman’ etc.

Subhash Dutt received the Ekushey Padak in 1999 for Outstanding Contribution to Films. He has also won a few international awards, including the National Film Award.

Thursday (November 16) is the anniversary of the death of this eminent producer. On this day in 2012, he passed away after completing the glorious chapter of the money world.

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