The story and the characters are important to me


The story and the characters are important to me

Afran Nisho is one of the dramatic actors of this period. He is busy playing. His pieces are broadcast regularly on TV, OTT, etc. He talked about current engagements and contemporary issues in today’s “Hello…” segment.

* What’s on your mind now?

** A few new scripts have arrived. I am reading them. Think about my characters. I will start shooting soon.

* Supports in constant evolution. How do you see that changing?

** See our identity is one, we are people of action. Whether we call it OTT TV or apps, our identity doesn’t change anywhere. Playing is our job. The promotion is not in our hands. The director and the producer decide where a work will be shown. Regardless of the media, people watch and comment. From there, we sometimes inspire ourselves, sometimes we make more aware.

* Currently, artists seem more focused on web media than television. How do you see it?

** I work regularly. I focus on how my character will be, how I can improve it a bit, so that one job doesn’t match another. You could say that I care more about my character. I don’t care where the countryside is.

* Fans have long been excited about you on social media “I want to see Afran Nisho in the movie…”

**Yes-I saw that too. I am an actor. Acting is my job. I do not hesitate to work in films. But of course, I will privilege the story and the character. I say nothing unless a work is final. Maybe the audience can see me in the movie. I do not know when.

* What new job are you doing?

** Several tasks are in progress. Think about them. Meet the public with new works soon.

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