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The story of Jeet becoming a Bengali film superstar despite not being Bengali by birth

The story of Jeet becoming a Bengali film superstar despite not being Bengali by birth

Entertainment desk: The year was 2001. Tollywood director Harnath Chakraborty was looking for a hero for his next film. However, the offer first went to Tollywood superstar, Prosenjit Chatterjee. However, Prosenjit turned down the offer to play the role of a college student. Prosenjit’s refusal practically created a new story in Tollywood. Bangla has a whole new face in the movie world, the face that will rule the industry for decades to come!

Betting on this new face 19 years ago, Harnath Chakraborty’s release broke all box office records that year. The film’s title song, composed by composer SP Venkatesh, is now on everyone’s lips in Bengal. In every word and melody of the song, “Oh friend, you hear what you hear”, the lover’s heart reaches out to his special friend! You guessed it right, that movie was the hit Tollywood movie “Sathi”. The hero of the film, Jeet.

The number of stars who have struck in their first film is not very high in Tollywood. Jeet is one of the brightest stars among these minorities. But just because the first movie was a hit doesn’t mean Jeet’s career went perfectly. A boy from a Sindhi family from an unfamiliar alley in South Kolkata wanted to become a Bollywood superstar. He used to imitate famous actors by standing in front of the mirror. You could say that was his job as an actor.

The dream of becoming a star brought him into the world of modeling. Jitendra Madnani also had the opportunity to work in advertising for Nawab Company Genji. Who would have thought that this boy would one day be known as Jeet, the Tollywood superstar?

She started taking classes to learn modeling and acting out of interest in acting. It was in this class that a serial producer noticed Jitendra. 1994 Jitendra had the opportunity to act in two soap operas named ‘Bishvriksha’ and ‘Janmbhoomi’. There were several other serial offers for him. But he wanted to do something bigger.

He moved to Mumbai in 1995 with the dream of becoming a double-eyed Bollywood superstar. After 2 years of trying, he finally got the opportunity to work on a Hindi music album. The album is titled “Bewafa Tera Masum Chehera”. After that, he started auditioning for several Bollywood movies. But each time the opportunity slipped out of his hands. The opportunity came from the South Indian film world.

Jeetendra had the opportunity to act in a Tamil film. The name of this movie is ‘Chandu’. However, ‘Chandu’ fell flat at the box office. Disappointed, Jitendra returned to Calcutta. There, the second and most important round of his life was to begin! He became Jeet of Jitendra as the hero of director Harnath Chakraborty’s “Sathi”. The rest is history.

When “Sathee” hit the screens in 2002, audiences flocked to theaters to watch the new hero’s new movie. This film made a deal of Rs 9 crore. Became Tollywood’s top box office collection! After that, the boy never looked back. From ‘partner’, ‘knot master’, ‘link’, ‘assassin’, ‘auspicious’, ‘lover’ to ‘two worlds’, ‘sultan’, ‘boss’, ‘seven legs’, ‘demon’ ; Whether it’s comedy, romance or action, Tollywood is incomplete without the hero of “Sathi”.

“Nawab Shakib of the Mughal Empire”, where will he “fight”?

Jeet has been Tollywood’s number one actor for nearly two decades. Even after that, Tollywood had many heroes. However, Jeet’s popularity has not diminished so much. Although he is not Bengali, Jeet is the undisputed boss of Bengali industry. Jeet failed to break even after failing in Bollywood. By coming back to Tollywood, he showed that it’s possible to come back like this. This way you can start over.

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