The Story of Paravasi Gaurab Song


The Story of Paravasi Gaurab Song

Childhood-adolescence spent in love with music. So even sitting in a distant American country in his youth, he still practices Bengali songs.

On Tuesday, October 11, he introduced a new song “Kakhno” to the public on his YouTube channel.

Gaurab’s story was born and raised in Mirpur, Dhaka. He was inspired by family music from his childhood. Dad was singing. But never thought of making music a career. This father wanted the son to be with the music.

When Gaurav was six years old, he and his older sister Katha began taking the masters’ talim. Later, I learned guitar and keyboard. Keyboard learned from the late Tushar Gomez two years from 2006. Besides studying, he spent his youth playing music in shows and concerts in various places.

In 2014, Gaurav Ghabi traveled to Los Angeles, California to pursue a music degree. Currently, he is working on creating original songs and performing live in different cities in America.

The song ‘Kakhno’ is composed by Gaurav himself. It has lyrics written by Praloy Bappi, music composed by Amit Chatterjee. The video was produced by PG.

Gaurav combined Bengali and other languages ​​in the lyrics. In this context, he said, “If a song is multilingual, audiences from different countries can be easily involved. Similar trends are often observed in other countries. The addition of another language is mainly for spreading Bengali songs.

Earlier, two original songs sung by him titled “Amar Valabasha” and “Elomelo Kalpana” were released on Gaurav Kahalpa’s YouTube channel.

“Random Kalpana” was written and composed by K. Zia. Big Dave raps. Music by Billy R. The video was produced by Future History Labs. Gaurav himself composed ‘Amar Balabhasa’. Praloy Bappi wrote about it. Music by Ahad Fahim. Both songs were mixed and mastered by Amjad Hossain Bappi. The video was produced by Kerrigan Productions.

Gaurav likes to sing Melo Rock, Sufi and Pop genres. Apart from the original songs, his YouTube channel contains covers of various popular Bangladeshi songs. In his own words, “I try to cover the songs that are close to my heart, not the trends. I present the creations of artists or composers who have influenced my musical life in a new way.’

What are Gaurav’s future plans to do justice to the name? His response, ‘I want to make new songs. The love of the public is my pride. I want to achieve the glory of getting their love.

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