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The Ukrainian-Iranian question in the spotlight at the Berlin Film Festival

The Ukrainian-Iranian question in the spotlight at the Berlin Film Festival

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The Berlin Film Festival takes place every year in February. The festival is also known as the Berlinale. It is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. However, as it is held in the harsh German winter, this festival never has the same vibe as Cannes or Venice. However, this festival is still ahead of any film festival, big or small, by giving priority to films made on important world issues.

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Berlin gives twice as much priority to films and documentaries on political issues as to blockbuster films. This time will be no exception. This year’s event will highlight the issues of political unrest in Ukraine and Iran through films and documentaries.

“The War in Ukraine”, about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, will be screened at the Berlin Film Festival. Sean Penn and Aaron Kauf’s “Superpower” documentary will premiere. This documentary covers many events before and after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was interviewed. There are also three other documentaries from Ukraine. Also, Tonya Noabrova’s panoramic entry “Do You Love Me” on various war-related issues will be featured in the festival.

The ongoing political unrest in Iran will also be highlighted in this festival through several documentaries. Among them are Mehran Damadan’s “My Worst Enemy” and “Towards Happy Alles,” which features an interview with imprisoned filmmaker Zafar Panahi.

This year, Berlin banned all organizations, journalists and filmmakers associated with the Iranian and Russian governments from showing solidarity with Ukraine and Iran.

The Berlin International Film Festival is very important for cinema connoisseurs. Throughout February, various speculations about which film in the world will win the golden bear for best picture, which director will be able to win the honor of excellence.

The Berlin International Film Festival will be screened on February 16. The screens will drop on February 26.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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