“The union aggression in the current presentation is terrible”

“The union aggression in the current presentation is terrible”

Elusive world. He is a lyricist, presenter and producer. He also practices literature regularly. His new novel is coming to the next book fair. He also talked about starting to work on songs and new projects. He talked about these issues in today’s “Hello…” section.

* How did you start the new year?

** For a long time I wanted to do something on my own. Which I have been preparing for two years. From this year. I couldn’t work properly for a long time because of the union. I am a victim of the union. But since I also practice literature in addition to writing, presenting, producing, I am starting a series called ‘Parampara’ in my writing, planning and presentation of these living geniuses in the literary tradition. Lyricists, composers, rhymers, reciters, novelists, poets and journalists will be present at this event.

* You have compared lyrics to literature many times. How accurate is it?

** Music seems to me to be the richest literature in the world. Because a song of eight lines and twelve lines expresses the innermost feelings of a human being, it is not possible in anything in the world. In joy, pain, sorrow or happiness, music gives us life. So music is a very big part of literature in my opinion.

* He said, you are a victim of the union. How is it?

** Every sector of showbiz is now unionized. However, the aggressiveness of this union is terrible in presentation. I have been a victim of the union for the last four, five years. Today, someone who doesn’t speak standard Bengali is also a presenter. Because their other qualifications are much higher! At one time it was more in the private channels. And BTV was the most reliable place for real presenters. But this place too has been spoiled for few people for a few years. So, I am now organizing the program myself with my talent and effort.

* What is your writing at this year’s book fair?

** This year, my second poetic novel book ‘Paper Man’ will be published by Tamralipi Publications. I wanted to publish a book of poetry. But my readers expect novels this year. So I present to you this year’s novel. But I started writing the novel 5 years ago.

What else do you do apart from that?

**Recently hired to write two songs for a film by respected director Sohanur Rahman Sohan Bhai. One of the songs is almost finished. Apart from this, several projects including Women’s Day are underway.

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