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The ‘wind’ is blowing across the border from Bangladesh to Portugal


The ‘wind’ is blowing across the border from Bangladesh to Portugal

The currently talked about film ‘Hawa’ was commercially released on October 15th at the Ideal Cinema Hall in the heart of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

For the first time, a Bengali film was released commercially in this European country.

Expatriate Bangladeshis are excited to watch this popular film in Portugal. They said it is really a pleasure to see any movie from Bangladesh in the cinema hall of Portugal. They applauded the concerned entrepreneurs and urged them to pursue such initiatives.

Jamal Uddin, the Bangladeshi entrepreneur who presented the film, said that Bangladeshis have lived in Portugal for around 35 years and there are now around 25,000 expatriate Bangladeshis living in Portugal.

But there is no possibility to watch Bangladeshi films in the Diaspora, so we took the initiative with the film “Hawa” with the culture-loving Bangladeshis in mind.

While fishing on the high seas, a group of fishermen encountered many mysterious occurrences. Sometimes in rough seas, sometimes in human behavior, the fishing boat becomes more dangerous than the sea. And a lot of things happen with a mysterious woman. Meanwhile, many mysterious things attract the public’s attention.

The film will have two more screenings on October 22 and 23 at 11 a.m. Advance tickets can be picked up at Matr Bhandar Restaurant and BD Supermarket located on Rua do Benformjo, a predominantly Bangladeshi street in the capital.

Chanchal Chowdhury, Nazifa Tushi, Shariful Raj, Suman Anwar, Sohail Mondal, Nasir Uddin Khan and many more starred in the movie ‘Hawa’. This much-talked-about film managed to attract expats even in the expat bustle.

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