There are uncles, brothers-in-law and uncles

There are uncles, brothers-in-law and uncles

When the country became independent, he was a young man in his twenties. At this time, his acting career began with plays. After that, his acting skills gradually appeared on radio, television and cinema screens. He may not have achieved huge popularity or stardom, but he was by no means boring in his role.

“Badi” is the first character that comes to the viewer’s mind when his name is mentioned. The smiling Badi from the famous soap opera “Kothao Kew Nei”, who was Bak’s brother’s faithful companion. This bad badi, on whose false testimony Baker’s brother was hanged. Viewers demonstrated in the streets against the hanging.

Is the “Nakshatra night” broadcast in 1995 still over? not at all He occupies the funniest character of this immortal creation of Humayun Ahmed. The brother-in-law came to the in-laws after having an argument with his wife a few days later! He swears he will never remarry again, and after a while he forgets everything and finds love in his wife’s arms. His impeccable performance as Dulabhai is forever etched in the hearts of the audience.

He is also an integral part of the history of the most popular magazine show on the TV screen “Ityadi”. He has long played the role of ‘Mama’ in this show’s drama. His arguments against superstition, corruption and inconsistency, his advice for moving forward on the right path should still resonate in the ears of the public.

He brought to life many other memorable characters like Badi, Dulabhai, Mama. Even if you don’t say his name, everyone knows him now. Yes, we are talking about the talented actor Abdul Quader.

Monday (December 26) is his departure day. On this day in 2020, he died while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Dhaka. However, even after he’s gone, he lives on like the characters he played, wandering the showbiz oligarchy of Dhakai.

Abdul Quader Abdul Quader was born on April 1, 1951 in Munshiganj. Studied at Dhaka University. He became involved in theater during his studies. However, he did not fall behind in the work. He started his career as a teacher. Then a successful career in an advertising agency. Finally, he spent many years as a senior official in the multinational “Bata”.

On stage, Abdul Quader has acted in various dramas including ‘Pay Awaaz Paava Gaye’, ‘Still Slave’, ‘Spardha’, ‘Meraj Fakir’s Mother’. Some of the notable TV dramas he has acted in are – ‘Kothao Kew Nei’, ‘Matir Kole’, ‘Nakshatra Raat’, ‘Sabuj Sathi’, ‘Tin Tekka’, ‘Agun Laga Sandhya’, ‘Kusum Kusum Bhalosha’, ‘Neetu Tobe I love you’. ‘, ‘Harano Sur’, ‘How far is Sundarpur’ etc.

Abdul Quader has worked in a total of two films during his illustrious acting career. These are ‘Color Number’ and ‘Love Lives’.

Neither of Abdul Quader’s sons and daughters started playing. However, his granddaughter Simreen Lubaba works as a child artist in showbiz.

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