There was no fancy makeup, no visual effects, Doordarshan’s first “Mahishasuramardini”, where does she live now?


There was no fancy makeup, no visual effects, Doordarshan’s first “Mahishasuramardini”, where does she live now?

Bangladeshi office: And 18 days left for Mahalaya. Mahalaya falls on September 25 this year. The significance of this day is immense for every Bengali. From this day the Pitra Paksha ends and the Devi Paksha begins. He started by hearing Chandipath in the voice of Birendrakrishna Bhadra. After the end of ‘Mahishasuramardini’ on Aakashvani, Mahalaya’s special program started on the TV screen.

Now many actors and actresses are doing Mahalaya programs on different channels. There is speculation on who will dress as Mahishasuramardini in which year, competition between the chains. But when there weren’t so many channels, there weren’t so many programs, Mahishasuramardini was always on TV. And there, Sanjukta Banerjee was seen in the role of Mother Durga.

She is the first Mahishasuramardini of Doordarshan’s Mahalaya show to the public. There were no costumes and no VFX back then. But the twinkle in Akishta Banerjee’s eyes was natural. From 1994 to 2014, she was considered Mahishasuramardini. But Aktishta Banerjee’s show remains a favorite of many.

It was during his first year at Sri Shikshayatana College that Akishtha was nominated for Goddess Durga in the Mahalaya ceremony. He attended a workshop for two months. Taught Trident, Chakra Capture, Combat Sequence. Mahalaya by Doordarshan was directed by Sanat Mohant. Mahalaya by Doordarshan was produced under the supervision of director-producer Sharmistha Dasgupta and scripted by Nrisinghamprasad Bhaduri.

This attachment Banerjee is now a resident of Canada. He has a dance school. Akishta and the students of his dance school visited various places in America and Canada to perform dances during the pujas.

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