There was no servant at home that day: Parimani

There was no servant at home that day: Parimani

There was no servant at home that day: ParimaniParimani

Famous star couple Shariful Raj and Parimani’s family have reached the final stages of separation. A few days ago, Pari announced the press conference by posting the photo of the bloodied bed.

He alleged that Raj threw his hands at him.

However, they still haven’t clarified what happened that day. However, the media quotes the manager of the house – not a fight, but the rupture of the aquarium triggered this bloodshed. But Pari says otherwise.

Pari said there were no workers in my house that day except for Raj’s family members. My mother-in-law (Raj’s mother) had already sent my staff on vacation.

Meanwhile, the manager of Raj-Pari’s household told the media that the blood Pari was talking about was actually due to the accident of breaking the aquarium. Many people thought the fairy had been killed and bloodied – it wasn’t. Bleeding while keeping the aquarium. Raj himself was moving the aquarium. He fell and broke Raj’s hand. At that time, the state was also on the side.

On October 17, 2021, Pari-Raj got married in secret after just seven days of knowing each other. They made the news public on January 10, 2022. At the same time, the couple also gave the message of having a child.

Then they married in a family arrangement on January 22 of the same year. And on August 10, their son Shahim Muhammad Rajya came to light their house.

Bangladesh time: 1956 hours, 04 January 2023

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