There’s people on Facebook, where’s the face in the booth? Confused CPM-BJP to look for BLA


There’s people on Facebook, where’s the face in the booth? Confused CPM-BJP to look for BLA

The office on the wall: The work of correction, addition of the electoral list begins from November 9th. Will continue until December 8. The State Election Commission has set eight special days this month. Back when representatives of political parties sat down in booth after booth asking for the names of those who died in the area, those who left the area to be deported. The request must be made to the BLO and the agents at the stand. Those who do this work on behalf of political parties are called Booth Level Agents or BLAs. But with the exception of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC), the opposition parties are virtually uncertain about finding the BLA.

CPM has understood this well. Additions to the voters list, amendments were taken to an industry level by a class of PMO leaders at one time. But the BJP leaders at the organizational level in many districts are not even aware of it. Mandal-level leaders don’t know what to do. Again, even if CPM has the right idea, it can’t find a person to sit in every booth.

What does that mean?

The BJP had called the campaign Navanna in the second week of September. It cannot be said that the two places in Howrah and the gathering in Calcutta were bad in this program. Again defying the police ban, the rally of students and left-wing youths outside Victoria House in Dharmatala on September 20 has virtually become a milestone in recent protests. According to observers, this clearly shows that people from both opposition parties are gathering in the center. There is also a change in movement. But they are struggling to find a key worker behind the stand.

Jai Hind Bahini in public schools, education department meeting with all districts on Wednesday

According to many in political circles, Trinamool is ahead of electoral politics. Except for some places in North Bengal, reports indicate that the BJP does not recruit people for voter roll work in the districts of South Bengal. In the case of the CPM, directives were also issued through circulars. Branch secretaries were instructed to do so with caution on November 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 and December 3 and 4. It is seen that in many places party members also do not want to sit as BLA. It is good to say here that the new electoral list will be published on January 5 next year based on the names added or deleted during this month. Panchayat elections will be based on this list.

In the words of a CPM leader, even if there are people in large gatherings and meetings, the work that needs to be done patiently at the booth level is not equal everywhere. But there are workers in this booth area who are active on social media. In other words, even if you hop on Facebook, it’s not possible to head to the stand.

In the case of BJP, the problem is elsewhere. Many mandal level leaders do not know what the BLA is doing or who has died in the area and who has moved on. Many say the isolation of the neighborhood or the stand area as a whole is the reason.

Trinamool is confident about this. The advisers, the heads of Panchayat have been given the responsibility to do this work. According to a leader of the ruling party, earlier in some parts of North Bengal, Jangalmahal, there was a problem in getting people into each stall but it has been overcome in the last and a half years.

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