There’s satisfaction in stepping back from the good times

There’s satisfaction in stepping back from the good times

Tahsan Khan He dabbled in both music and theater mediums. However, he recently said he was saying “goodbye” to comedy for now. You want to be busy with music. At the moment he is busy creating new songs and live performances. He spoke about current engagements and contemporary issues in today’s “Hello…” segment.

* What are you currently occupying?

** Now I’m busy creating new songs and live performances. A new music video titled “Sei Tumi Ke” has been released. The popularity of the song is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, the work of creating new songs continues. Minar Rahman worked with me a long time ago. Recently, I made a song at his and Sushmita’s request. It will soon be available for viewers on YouTube and Facebook.

* How do you like the engagement of the music after a long break?

**Actually, I’m a music person. Before, we worked together a lot. So there wasn’t much concern with a single topic. Now only with music and busy days. On December 2, I sang at the festival ‘Sazgoj Female Fest-2022’ organized for the first time only for women. Also, I’m going to Europe this week. I will be doing a show in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on December 16th. On December 23, I will participate in a show in Germany. On December 26, I will also perform in Paris, France.

* So spend the month of December abroad?

** The overseas show will continue until the end of December. There are a lot of shows in the country at the beginning of this year, that is, in January. For this, I will return home on December 30. I want to do a musical tour all over the country at the start of the new year. Since I thought I would retire from acting, I thought I would do a big tour with music.

* How do you think the song is now?

** Good and bad songs are sung. Everyone tries to do well. But it’s not always good. This is how our song moves forward. As the promotion of music has become easier with the availability of technology, we must try harder to do better.

* You have your own YouTube channel. You are long gone…

** Actually, now is not the time to work on YouTube. No age. I was regular at one time. How long it takes for people’s minds to change over time. Same for me. But I left some things in the work. Be more focused in certain areas. But not disappearing from showbiz at all.

* How do you think this change will affect fans?

** Can be read. But I think it’s better to walk away from something before you lose acceptance or need. Rather than losing acceptance and being alone. There is satisfaction in getting away from certain places in time. That’s what I’m doing. I believe that those who love me will always love me.

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