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These 5 series and movies will never lose Aindrila, will be forever remembered

These 5 series and movies will never lose Aindrila, will be forever remembered

An unequal war lasted 20 days. At the same time, everyone, regardless of caste and religion, continued to pray with heart and soul. Aindrila Sharma is one of the goals of all people, known and unknown. But after rejecting everyone’s love, Aindrila died in the land of no return, saying goodbye to everyone forever.

The fight is not limited to just twenty days. Dhundhuma struggled with a deadly disease for many years. He was first diagnosed with cancer in 2017. He rose to fame that year with the series “Jhumur”. This “Jhumur” series featured Sabyasachi Roy Chowdhury. The on-screen partner of the day has gradually become his best friend in real life.

Then starred in a famous series “Jionkaathi”, which was popular until around 2021. Not only in soap operas, but also in the world of cinema during this short period, he made a considerable name for himself. She made her Tollywood debut in 2020 with the movie ‘Ami Didi Number One’. Siddharth from Mithai series acted opposite her in this film.

His second film is “Love Cafe”. He was opposite Hritjit Mukherjee in this movie. After beating cancer twice in a row, when he returned home to recover, he slowly ventured into the world of acting.

A few days before his death, he acted with considerable skill in a web series titled “Bhagar”. And recently focused on a very good job. Already, he was supposed to go to Goa because of his acting role. But his career as an actor suddenly stopped here.

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