These 6 actresses who became widows before making their husbands happy


These 6 actresses who became widows before making their husbands happy

Fans are filled with happiness when they hear the news of love and marriage of Bollywood stars. Again, the news of their separation also upset the spirit. But not just separation, some Bollywood stars have lost their spouses forever. How are these 6 Bollywood actresses doing today after losing those they dreamed of having a happy family with? Let’s find out.

Shehnaz Gill: Shehnaz and her boyfriend Siddharth Shukla rose to popularity starting with season 13 of Bigg Boss. Their love started from this stage. But last year, Siddharth left the world forever, leaving Shehnaz alone. Shehnaz was devastated losing him. But now, slowly, he has found the rhythm of life through work. His first Bollywood film with Salman Khan will also be released soon. Shehnaz still lives a celibate life.

Rekha: Rekha’s love affair with Amitabh Bachchan did not end. Later in the late 90s, she married Delhi industrialist Mukesh Agarwal. But their marriage did not last long. Rekha’s husband committed suicide by hanging himself. After her husband’s death, Rekha never remarried. But he never erased the vermilion from Sinthi.

Kayakshan Patel: Darkness has descended on the life of this Bollywood actress. She married businessman Arif Patel. They have two children. However, Arif died of a heart attack in 2018.

Vijayeta Pandit: This famous Bollywood and Tollywood actress also lost her husband. Vijayeta married renowned singer and songwriter Adesh Srivastava in 1990. They have two sons. Adesh died of cancer in 2015.

Shantipriya: Shantipriya entered Bollywood in 1991 with Akshay Kumar’s ‘Saugandh’. She married Siddharth Roy in 1999. But Siddhartha died after five years. Shantipriya was devastated by this incident. But then he turned around and focused on his career.

Leena Chandvarkar: This Bollywood actress also lost her husband. His acting journey began with Sunil Dutt’s “Mann Ka Meet”. She married Siddharth Bandodkar in 1975. But a few days after her marriage, he took his own life and took his own life. Then Leena married Kishore Kumar in 1980. Unfortunately, Kishore Kumar also passed away after 7 years.

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