These actresses have been victims of domestic violence, sometimes by husbands and sometimes by lovers

These actresses have been victims of domestic violence, sometimes by husbands and sometimes by lovers

Bollywood stars, especially actresses, are definitely beyond “light camera action”. Sometimes Bollywood actresses smile in front of the camera, but off the camera, that is, in their personal lives, they have to endure a lot of insults. Recently, the names of several of these actresses have been revealed. Those who could not be happy in married life. They have not been reunited with their spouses either. Find out what they are doing!

1) Karisma Kapoor: The actress married Sunjay Kapoor after breaking up with Abhishek Bachchan. However, their marriage broke up after 13 years. As a reason for the separation, the actress said that her husband touched her for no reason. Even Sunjay’s mother has seen this whole affair face to face and said nothing. Later, the actress came with her children. He also took a break from Sunjay.

2) Rati Agnihotri: She was one of the leading popular Bollywood actresses in the 80s. She is the famous actress of ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’. She married Anil Bhirwani in 1985. However, she separated from her husband in 2015, accusing him of molestation and abuse.

3) Dimpy Ganguly: Apart from the acting world, he is also well known in the modeling world. The actress chose reality TV host Rahul Mahajan as her life partner in 2010. However, he divorced her in 2015. The actress accused him of assaulting her. He even appeared in front of the media with bruises. It should be noted that Dimpy exchanged rings with her current husband Rohit Roy in the same year.

4) Shweta Tiwari: Shweta is a popular Hindi TV actress. She has a reputation as a good actress among the public. He chose his life partner twice. But the actress divorced twice. The actress first married Raja Chowdhury. Shweta later charged him with drunken assault and domestic violence. After that, she decided to spend her life with Abhinav Kohli. However, he also brought domestic violence charges against him. Currently, they both live separately.

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