These celebrities who instantly went ‘viral’ on social media are now ‘recognizable’

These celebrities who instantly went ‘viral’ on social media are now ‘recognizable’

For today’s generation, social media is one of the most important means of their entertainment. Many things can be done through it, which can sometimes be beyond thought. And through these social media, many people build a different identity among the common Internet users, which gives them fame in a very short time. But in some cases, this fame is short-lived. Lost in the moment. There are many people who became famous through these social media, but today no one follows them. Recently, the names of some of them have been made public. Even though they are known, they are unknown to many.

1) Ranu Mandal: In the past, Ranu Mandal used to sing and beg at Ranaghat station. He gained huge popularity in a very short time through social media for his songs. Its popularity has reached Bombay. But his arrogance brought him back to where he was before. Now he’s just happy to troll for the most part. From now on, he can no longer beg and Internet users no longer remember him for his talent.

2) Bhuban Badyakar: Bhuban Badyakar from Birbhum sold raw nuts from village to village while singing his own song “Kachha Badam”. He went viral on social media pages for selling raw almonds using his new method. He was popularly known as Badamkaku. This familiarity has made him a seasoned house. Currently, many people are not looking for it. Slowly disappears again. Although known, Bhuvan Badyakar of Birbhum is now unknown to many.

3) Sahadev Dirdo: Sahadev Dirdo got great recognition among ordinary people by taking the hand of the king from the source of the song “Bachpan Ka Payar”. The song has been trending since its release. At that time, there were no less discussions about him on social media pages. Needless to say, hardly anyone is looking for it now. Now he is also unknown to most people.

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