These serial beauties


These serial beauties

Entertainment Bureau: Many Bengali TV actresses have captured the hearts of the public with their performances. Especially the heroines of Bengali soap operas have become the daughters of the public. In most cases, they enter the television screen at a very young age. Many are under 18 when they get their first chance to act. Today in this report, I will be talking about 4 Bengali Television actresses who started their acting career before turning 18.

Mohona Maity (Mohona Maity): She can be called the youngest Bengali TV actress right now. She plays the role of heroine in Zee Bangla series “Gauri L”. In fact, he is not yet 16 years old. He is still studying at school. He will give secondary school this year. But Mohana keeps the series at the top of the TRP list with her performance.

Aratrika Maity (Aratrika Maity): Aratrika, the popular actress from Zee Bangla’s “Khelna Bari” series, is not too old. He only studies in Class XI now. Besides being an actor, he also studies. On the screen, we see her again playing the role of a mother of a 7-8 year old girl.

Shyamaupti Mudli: She has been acting in Bengali soap operas for several years. He started playing when he was 13 years old. After ‘Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu’, ‘Dhruvatara’, he now turns in the series ‘Guddi’. She has already become someone’s wife and someone’s mother thanks to the Bengali series.

Ditipriya Roy (Ditipriya Roy): Ditipriya Roy has driven a series forward for four long years with his acting. He has actually been an actor since he was young. But before crossing the school barrier, she became the heroine of the Karunamayi Rani Rasmani series. He survived in this role from start to finish.

In this series, she became someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s mother-in-law, even someone’s grandmother. He perfectly portrayed all the relationships with his older co-actors on screen. In 2020, he gave and passed the upper secondary exam during the series. She is currently a sophomore in the Department of Sociology at Ashutosh College.

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