These stars act very well in Bengali soap operas even if they are not Bengali

These stars act very well in Bengali soap operas even if they are not Bengali

Entertainment desk: The Bengali language is very dear to Bengalis. Soap operas made in the Bengali language practically occupy a large place in the minds of the public. But are those who play the role of heroes and heroines in this series also Bengalis? In the crowd of stars, there are 7 people whose identity you will be surprised to know. Today in this report lies their true identity.

Great acting

Honey Bafna: Honey caught the eye playing the role of the hero in ‘Bakul Katha’ series opposite Ushsi Roy. Then she was opposite Sholanki Roy in the series ‘Prothama Kadambini’. She was last seen in the series “Gramer Rani Veenapani” opposite Unmeritom. If you listen to his speech, he seems to be Bengali, but in reality he is the son of a Marwari Jain family.

Annemarie Tom: Bengali serial acting journey started with ‘Gramer Rani Veenapani’ opposite Honey Bafna. The heroine of the series was also not Bengali. Born in Kerala and she is the daughter of the Maliali clan. But the actress’ mother is Bengali. From an early age, Annemarie left her uncle’s home in Barrackpore.

Krushal Ahuja: Krushal entered the TV world with the Zee Bangla series “Ranu Pel Lottery”. He then starred alongside Swastika Ghosh in the “Ki Kare Balbo Tome” series on the same channel. After that he also acted in Hindi serial “Risto Ka Manjha”. Their original home is Uttar Pradesh, India. His father was a doctor and he started living in Calcutta. Accordingly, Krushal grew up in Kolkata.

Neha Amandeep: She played the role of female lead in Zee Bangla’s “Stri” series. He then played a role in Sun Bangla’s “Kane Bau” series. But now, we don’t see him acting anymore. Neha is also not Bengali, she is the daughter of a Punjabi family.

Rishi Kaushik: After the series ‘Ishtikootum’, ‘Ekhane Aakash Neel’, ‘Kusum Dola’, Rishi Kaushik now plays in the series ‘Sona Roder Gan’ in Colors Bengali. He was born into a non-Bengali family in Tezpur, Assam. Now she is in Kolkata acting and starring in Bengali language soap operas. Furthermore, he was also seen performing in Hindi.

Shyamaupti Mudli: This Bengali serial actress is now acting in ‘Guddi’ serial after ‘Dasi’, ‘Bajlo Tomar Alore Benu’, ‘Dhruvatara’. Hearing his title, many people think he might not be Bengali. But this is not true. Shyamaupti is Bengali at heart and she comes from a Bengali family.

The actress shared the experience of what she had to do to get the job

Abhishek Vir Sharma: ‘Saraswati’s Prem’, the famous actor of ‘Mouyer Bari’ has acted in Bengali soap operas but he is not Bengali. He was born in Patna, Bihar. Now he is also acting in Bengali language soap operas from Kolkata.

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