These three films will be released in January

These three films will be released in January

No movies released in the first week of the New Year, i.e. 2023. The sequel to the “Mission Extreme” crime action thriller “Black War” will be released in the second week (January 13).

The children’s film “Adventure of Sundarbans” will be released on January 20. Additionally, the crowd-funded movie “Santao” is set to be released on January 27.

Actor Arifin Shubo returns to the big screen after a year with the movie “Black War”. We will see him in the central role of this film. The action movie is directed by Sani Sanwar and Faisal Mahmood.

Besides Arifin Shubo, Taskin Rahman, Oishi, Sadia Nabila, Sumit Sengupta, Misha Saudagar, Hasan Imam, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shahiduzzaman Salim, Shatabdi Wadud, Dilara Zaman, Eresh Zaker, Majnoon Mizan, Manoj Pramanik, Aref Syed and many more acted in it.

‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ starring popular actress Parimani will be released on January 20. The film Shishtosh is produced by director Abu Raihan Jewell. The film is based on Muhammad Zafar Iqbal’s novel “Ratuler Raat Ratuler Din”.

Siam Ahmed starred with Piri in this movie. Zakaria Soukhin scripted the government subsidy film. Shahidul Alam Sacchu, Ashish Khandkar, Azad Abul Kalam, Kachi Khandkar, Huraira Tanvir and 20 child artists also performed there.

Meanwhile, the crowd-funded movie “Santao” will be released the last week of January. The film will be released on January 27. The livelihoods of people in the vast northern region of Bangladesh are largely dependent on rivers and agriculture. The film is produced by Khandkar Suman, highlighting the inhabitants of the banks of the Teesta.

Ainun Putul, Fazlul Haque, Abdullah Sentu and many more starred in this movie.

Apart from these three films, two or more films are expected to be released in January. But it is not finalized yet.

Bangladesh time: 2155 hours, 07 January 2023

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