These two actresses are sisters not only on screen but also in reality


These two actresses are sisters not only on screen but also in reality

Entertainment desk: Today, the main source of entertainment for the public is the series. At the end of all tasks, people choose sets to relieve fatigue. Not only that, social media is always buzzing with entertainment as well as favorite series actors and actresses.

The war between the fanes continues. Viewers get upset if they can’t watch their favorite series on screen. Favorite actors and actresses get upset when they don’t see them on screen. Recently, two on-screen sisters appeared on the stage of Didi #1 who are actually two sisters.

The personal life of actors and actresses involved in the industry has always been of interest to the general public. Their families, loved ones, likes and dislikes all become the center of the discussion. Recently, several actresses from the show appeared on the Didi No. 1 stage with their murderous partners. And there were two sisters on screen who were actually two sisters.

The Didi-Sister Special Episode of Didi #1 featured serial actress Pilu Pilu and her sister, serial actress Mithai Nipa and her sister, serial actress Mithai Pinky and her Didi, and two sisters Sri and Rajanya of Jamuna Dhakai. Desk was very happy to see the two sisters in the series of episodes of Didi No.1.

Jui and Payal are 11 years younger. Actress Jui Sarkar is the sister of actress Payal Sarkar. Payal came to Didi No.1 stage and exposed Didi in front of actress Rachna Banerjee. Payal said Jui was like a mother to him. They stay together away from home because of work. Jasmine is very protective of her sister. He doesn’t last a moment without his sister. Although he is angry with his sister, he cannot stay away from her for long.

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When Rachna Banerjee asks how much she loves the two sisters after seeing each other’s work, Jui says she feels proud like a mother when she sees her sister behaving well on screen. Teach your sister from your own mistakes. So that he doesn’t make his mistake. The sweet relationship of the two sisters enlivened the audience.

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