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They fly and sit opposite: Actor Siddique


They fly and sit opposite: Actor Siddique

The debate is going on in the net world about the popular drama series “Bachelor Point”. A few episodes of the drama’s fourth season have been pulled from YouTube due to criticism. Along with this, producer Kajal Arefin Ami and production company Dhruv TV also released a statement of apology.

A portion of viewers complained about the drama, saying it contained “offensive” dialogue and “gestures.” Which is incompatible with the culture and society of the country. However, those involved have always opposed this claim.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday (September 27), actor Siddiqur Rahman Siddique posted a Facebook post referencing “Bachelor Point.” Without mentioning the name of the piece, he threatened its creators and artists. A photo of an ax added to the post!

The Bangla Tribune contacted Siddiqur Rahman, a popular TV comedian, to find out more about the case. He said: ‘In fact, what ordinary people think about people in the drama, we show it again on the screen. People say media people are bad, girls don’t want to marry media people, they think they’re cheating when they listen to them. Already the piece had been in the spotlight for a long time. Among them, some famous directors and artists make dramas using this language and gestures with the intention of destroying the place of our original drama.

Siddique believes such plays lead to the destruction of the country’s culture. Her statement, “But people are vocal about it. They’re educated, family-oriented. They want to watch dramas as a family. When we’re acting or doing plays, I keep in mind that my mom and my sister sit in the living room and watch. But now there is no end to the artist, nor to the director. Anyone who identifies him. They want to destroy our culture by making such plays. At the same time , media people are belittled.

Siddiquur Rahman Siddique also said in a regretful tone: “Media people are like a dream, once they were seen as ideal outside. But by using such language, gestures and clothes, they move away from the ideal or dreamed place. Not only do they go, but the original artists are also taken. Gotta be a hit, they’re working on that. But they don’t think about it, when I act, the country, the sovereignty is with me, the flag of the country is with me. Whatever I do will impact the flag of Bangladesh.

Siddique’s comments on language and images in the Facebook post, “Maybe I said threateningly. Because those who do these things are not mainstream media. If I were media general public, I wouldn’t use the ax in the post. I said them with love. But since they flew and sat opposite, I said so.

In the era of social networks, everyone can do what they want. But the actor warned that the main square cannot be spoiled. He said, “YouTube or social media is a free place. Here everyone can give what they want. But the main square cannot be touched. We won’t let that happen. I protested Siddiqur Rahman as I consider myself a Natyangon member. If they don’t like this country, want to make it Europe-America, then leave. Because people in this country always sit in the living room and watch dramas, parents stay by their side. We would like, there will be learning points in the drama, there will be fun.

Siddiquur Rahman Siddique also pointed to theater-related organizations. He said, “We got organizations, fragile organizations,” I said. Because, those who lead, they also hope ‘Why don’t they call me in these dramas’! Organizations should be abolished at the governmental level. Organizations will take steps to ensure that these directors and artists cannot work anywhere. But our organization is silent.

Siddiqur Rahman claimed to be the founder of the Actors Association and said, “I founded the Actors Association with my own hands, with my money. When I saw that there was a lot of politics, I left. We have another organization, I will also write against it, which is called FTPO (Federation of Television Professionals Organization). These organizations only exist in name. But a really strong organization should come. If the individual Siddiq had the power to suppress them by organizing himself, I would have done it.

Siddiqur Rahman has been appreciated for playing comedic roles in many dramas like ‘Mike’, ‘Housefull’ or ‘Chawdhury Sahib’s Free Offer’. However, many people wonder about the characters he played. Many viewers and critics called the performance a “mortgage”. However, of late, Siddiq has been unable to maintain consistency in his work numbers. Is it because of public criticism or lack of demand?

The actor replied, “When I understood, some non-artists named Shilpi entered the media, moreover, the artist has no professional status in this country.” When I saw that I had to take a check from the Prime Minister at my last age; Then I thought that acting could not be chosen as the main profession. Because I don’t want to beg at my last age. People were laughing and having fun watching the plays we did before; Still get Receives a full message from there, can teach the child of the house something. I will not work with those who cannot respect the honor and sovereignty of my country. I think I don’t have the ability to play in this area.

So you’re not working on any new dramas? In response, Siddique said, “Sometimes I do it for some of my viewers. Those who love Bengali theater always think that playwrights are like their family; I do for them. Again, the money I get from this job, I don’t eat it myself, I give it to the poor. I have many businesses. That’s what I want.’

A popular play featuring Siddique:

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