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They got old before their time, these Boli stars are spending millions of rupees to cover their age


They got old before their time, these Boli stars are spending millions of rupees to cover their age

Many turn to the beautiful stars of Bollywood to find in them the prince of their dreams. Fans of all these actors get so emotional that sometimes they can’t stand someone insulting their favorite stars. But do you know you spend a lonely night in love with the stars, are these stars so beautiful at all?? Today, thanks to this report, you will know the true form of your favorite stars and how much money they spend to maintain themselves.

Akshay Kumar: After a while, Akshay Kumar will complete sixty years. But still looking at this actor, it seems like time has stood still. What you might not know is that there is a lot of balding behind this amazing look. Although he has no problem with this baldness in his personal life, he never talks about it on camera.

Ranbir Kapoor breaks the silence on the joke and the feelings of

Ranbir Kapoor: Ranbir Kapoor’s bald head is not real. In fact, he suffered from severe hair loss from an early age. For a permanent solution to this problem, he consulted a doctor and underwent scalp surgery at the cost of several hundred thousand rupees. In 2007, he underwent a hair transplant, after which a full head of hair can be seen on the actor’s head.

Amitabh Bachchan puts an end to

Amitabh Bachchan: Even after 80 years, this actor can easily beat any young man. Even at this age, he plays the main role with raw hair. But this hair is not her original. He uses fake hair to hide his baldness.

In a U-turn, Sunny Deol against tilting fans
Sunny Deol: Several years ago, Sunny suffered from a disease in the wall, and her hair began to fall out. Once he went completely bald and spent a lot of money to get a hair transplant. Looking at the actor, you will never know that the hair on the actor’s head is fake.

Biography of Jackie Shroff in Hindi |  Biography of Jackie Shroff |  StarsUnfolded - Hindi

Jackie Shroff: Jackie Shroff also suffers from the same problem. Several years ago, he went to a doctor to solve his hair loss problem. Like Amitabh and Sunny Deol, he underwent a hair transplant. He did this to hide a complete baldness.

The Kapil Sharma Show ready for a comeback, seeks new faces

Kapil Sharma: If I tell you that the famous comedian Kapil Sharma is a real tech, you must be heartbroken. He started suffering from hair loss at a very young age, so he secretly had a hair transplant. Now it’s hard to understand that he has no hair on his head.

Salman Khan with dengue fever, takes hiatus from 'Bigg Boss': Reports |  mint

Salman Khan: Our cousin also suffers from this same problem. Several years ago, he got rid of this problem by getting a hair transplant.

Sanjay Dutt on battling addiction: If I smoke today, it's over

Sanjay Dutt: Sanjay Dutt is a like-minded traveler. We also saw in the movie that the front of Sanjay Dutt’s head is completely blank. He got rid of the problem by transplanting before he lost his hair.

Govinda's autobiography will be a multi-edition;  Says His Story Cannot Be Contained in One Book: Bollywood News - Bollywood Hungama

Govinda: The same goes for Govinda, the actor who made millions of girls fall in love with him. Being a traveler of the same path, he chose the same path to solve the problem.

Rajnikanth took responsibility for his education, he gave this special gift to Thalaiva - rajnikanth paid for this man's education and now he's paying him back tmov - AajTak

Rajinikanth: Southern actor Rajinikanth’s large bald head is a reflection of his age. However, this actor directly wears a wig without undergoing a hair transplant.

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