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They want to visit India again and come back with memories of beautiful times


They want to visit India again and come back with memories of beautiful times

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Untitled is one of the most popular civic groups in Bangladesh. Almost all the songs of the group have immense popularity among Bengali speaking people. Twenty-five years after its inception, the group gave their first concert in India in May this year. And at the first concert, the response was overwhelming in Kolkata.

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For the second time within six months of their first concert in India, Titleless are going to attend a concert in Bankura district of Medinipur division of West Bengal. Ziaur Rahman Zia, founding member of Untitled, lyricist, composer and beige guitarist, told Channel Eye Online. He said Titleless members will be leaving Dhaka for Kolkata on Sunday (November 13) to attend the concert.

Talking about going to sing in India for the second time in six months, Zia said, “We performed in India for the first time last May after creating Untitled. Without a doubt, it was a great opportunity for us and Indian audiences. We are also overwhelmed by the incredible response from Indian audiences. An invitation to sing again in the country within six months of the first concert would certainly be different.

Zia said that this time Untitled will perform live at Bankura Sammilani Medical College which is located about two hundred kilometers from Kolkata. LRB band manager and sound engineer Shamim Ahmed also joined “Untitled” on the tour.

The band members said that since Untitled performs songs in Bengali, the experience of listening to the audience is unique for us because Bengali is the language of West Bengal. Earlier, the public joined us in Kolkata. We didn’t know before the performance, they will accept our song so much! I hope we will return with memories of beautiful times in Bankura.

Ziaur Rahman Zia also said, “Bangladeshi bands have a huge following in West Bengal. In Bengali songs, they keep the songs of Bangladeshi bands at the top of their favorite list. Bangladeshi bands are no less popular than Bangladesh. We get a lot of responses from West Bengal on our YouTube channel, Facebook page and invitations to shows. However, I cannot answer in many cases the complexity of the travel permit process for artists. If Europe had an open border culture, we would have played a lot more in West Bengal.

Kazi Shafin Ahmed, one of the band’s composers, said, “Broadening the scope of listening to music enriches our culture. Increase the honor of our country at the court of the world. We want to play music in different parts of the world, we want to spread the music.’

The band’s vocalist, Sheikh Istiaq, said, “After this tour, we want to release our seventh album after we return home. which will be released as a double album for collectors. There will be two volumes, episodes 1 and 2.’

Keyboardist Simon Chowdhury said: “This album is a live album. Although live albums are common in world music, there aren’t many of them in our country. Previously, I don’t see any examples in the music of this country other than the LRB double album and later the live album. Our work is done, only sound production, graphic work is in progress. All that remains is to wait for the release. We are also continuing to work on our original album.’

The band’s guitarist, Dipu Sinha, said, “I’m busy with tours, concerts, rehearsals and recordings. Everyone expects a musician’s life to be like this. In this country, more musical environment and opportunities should be created, so that all musicians can be engaged like this..’


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