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“This breakthrough will open new doors for reflection”

“This breakthrough will open new doors for reflection”

Popular actor and producer Mir Sabbir. He will win the National Film Award with his first film directed and played by himself. Along with such success, he spoke to Ittefaq about various aspects of drama, web series, and movies. Interviewed by AM Rubel

  • Obtain the National Film Award with his first film directed and played by himself. What can be said of such success?

Yes, ‘Raatjaga Phool’ is my first production, I act, I script and I get my first grant. In addition to receiving the National Film Award for Best Actor. Almost everything in the film is a first in my life. From this place, this feeling cannot be interpreted as real. Many events that people remember throughout their lives. It will also be etched in my memory for the rest of my life.

  • Did the success of the first film increase the sense of responsibility? Will you be regular in building from this location?

The liability will certainly be doubled. A test and analysis will be required before starting the work. Already started. I think this breakthrough will open new doors for reflection. There is certainly a desire to be regularly associated with construction. But it is not possible to make films every year. Because construction is a long process. Regularly, I try to produce films as soon as I can. I have already prepared the script for a film. I hope to be able to announce the film within two months.

Popular actor and producer Mir Sabbir.

  • Last year, several films showed the light of hope for creator-artists. Will this year be difficult for you to maintain this continuity?

We always have to go through various crises including room, room environment, budget. Despite this, the artists-producers who make films is a tall order. But I think that in the new year everything will change positively and youth will triumph.

  • The complexity of sensors has been talked about for a long time. Do you really need to change the sensor?

Now the whole world has fallen into the hands of people. Various platforms are coming, and the sensor space is also opening up. So I think a policy can be made on the age at which people can see what works. I think it will be better if we keep new ideas without keeping the catch-and-ties rule that it can’t be shown, it can’t be shown.

  • How do you see the development of OTT?

The possibility of watching web series-films was created in the medium like the cinema but with money. It is certainly a good thing.

  • OTT’s works have been praised but accused of obscenity from the start. A draft media policy has also been prepared recently. If implemented, will the complaint be reduced or not?

Look, I haven’t seen the draft policy yet. So I can’t say anything like that. But I will say this, if everyone has the freedom to express their opinion through discipline, then that’s not bad.

Popular actor and producer Mir Sabbir.

  • We hear a lot about unions in showbiz. Do you believe in this case?
  • Syndicate of good things I believe. But I won’t work without it, I have to take it, it must be bad.

    In terms of the cast of views, the scriptless, storyless production takes the drama in which direction?

Our industry is in a state of misery due to the negative impact of these issues. We turned the drama into a commercial product in search of views. It influences the creation of good producers, playwrights and new artists. As a result, the drama is at a standstill. I think channel authorities should be aware of this.

  • But many say that real artists are valued more than works based on stories. How are you doing ?

But it takes time to develop evaluation. We are in dire need of good content and creators. Moreover, good work is not possible by keeping someone under obligation. If you give freedom to work, there will be opportunities for everyone, seniors and juniors, and good designers and artists, above all, good work will come out.

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