This cat owns 997 crore rupees

This cat owns 997 crore rupees

Many people keep dogs and cats at home. At some point, they become like yours. But the most surprising thing is that many people even give a share of their property to their pets. Many people are shocked to know the wealth of the richest cat in the world.

The total wealth of the cat named Olivia is $97 million! The amount in Bangladeshi currency is 997 crore 62 lakh 32 thousand taka. Even his own market value is 800 crores. He has thousands of social media followers.


Grammy-winning singer Olivia Taylor Swift’s cat! Olivia is a social media celebrity. The Forbes Style List has compiled a list based on Instagram searches. According to information available on social networks, Olivier de Taylor is third on this list.

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We know that Olivia has been close to Taylor since 2014. He also has 2 other cats. Meredith Gray and Benjamin Button. But Olivia is extremely popular. But Olivia doesn’t have her own Instagram account. However, Taylor is occasionally seen with her beloved pet. Olivia has also appeared in several music videos. Taylor has also been seen in commercials with her beloved pet. The most famous of these was the Diet Coke commercial in 2014.

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Many people occasionally check Taylor’s Insta for Olivia. Each of his social media posts are filled with likes and comments. Taylor named the cat after the character played by Mariska Hargitt in the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” series.


A list was created by Forbes Style List after reviewing Instagram. In second place on the list is a cat named Nala Cat, whose net worth is $100 million. Nala also has a separate Instagram account and is referred to as a “public figure”. Nala’s account has 4.4 million followers.

A German Shepherd dog named Gunter Eight took the top spot in the list of the richest pets in the world. The total wealth of this dog belonging to the Italian media company Gunter Corporation is 500 million dollars!

Source: All About Cats


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