This e-bike will travel 308 kilometers on a single charge

This e-bike will travel 308 kilometers on a single charge

Indian start-up UltraViolet’s new e-bike on the market. Called Ultraviolet F77, the new electric bike will be available in three variants. The bike comes with all the latest features as well as these three Standard, Recon and Special Edition variants.

All three variants of the bike share the same design, LED headlights, split seat configuration and alloy wheels.
All three models have a 320mm disc up front and a 230mm disc out back. The Ultraviolet F77 model features a 5-inch TFT screen, smartphone connectivity, adaptive dashboard lighting, automatic headlight on/off, navigation, vehicle locator, fall and crash sensors.

The company claims the bike will travel 308 kilometers on a single charge. It will then be the fastest electric bike launched in India. Its standard variant includes a 27 kW motor and a 7.1 kW battery. It can travel 35 km/h with a standard charge and 75 km/h with a boost charge.

The Recon and Special variants are offered with 29 kW and 30.2 kW motors respectively. Both models are powered by a 10.3 kWh battery. The Ultraviolet F77 Recon variant has a top speed of 147 km/h and the Special variant has a top speed of 157 km/h.

The Ultraviolet F77 Standard and Recon bikes will be available in three colors – Supersonic Silver, Stealth Gray and Plasma Red. On the other hand, the special variant is available in Meteor Gray and Afterburner Yellow.

The price of F77 ultraviolet in the Indian market is 3 lakh 80,000 (ex-showroom). His Recon model was priced at 455,000 Tk. The price of the special variant is 5 lakh 50 thousand taka. In the currency of Bangladesh, which is 4 lakh 75 thousand, 5 lakh 68 thousand 750, 6 lakh 87 thousand 500 taka respectively.

Source: Times of India


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