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This is the first broadcast of “Operation Sundarban” in Sydney


This is the first broadcast of “Operation Sundarban” in Sydney

‘Operation Sundarban’ is based on RAB’s adventure against pirates in the Sundarbans. Directed by Dipankar Deepan, the film was released in theaters nationwide on September 23. The movie ‘Operation Sundarban’ was released in Australia across the country. The film will premiere in Sydney next Friday (October 7).

We know that this first show will take place at 5:45 p.m. at the Bangstown Heights cinema in Sydney, organized by Crazy Tickets and Path Productions.

On the occasion of the premiere of ‘Operation Sundarban’ in Sydney, producer Dipankar Deepan said: “‘Operation Sundarban’ has started its journey outside the country. It is very happy. Audiences in Sydney are always with good movies, support good movies. Hope they will like “Operation Sundarban” movie very much.

After its release in Bangladesh, the film “Operation Sundarbans” was widely appreciated by the public. As a result, the movie theater also increased in the second week. In the second week, 10 theaters increased and now the film is showing in 45 theaters nationwide.

The film “Operation Sundarban” was produced under the banner of the RAB Welfare Cooperative Society. Actors Riaz, Siam Ahmed, Nusrat Faria, Ziaul Roshan, Darshana Vanik, Taskeen Rahman, Manoj, Samina Bashar, Arman Parvez Murad played various important roles in the movie “Operation Sundarban”. Shatabdi Wadud and Raisul Islam Asad etc.

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