This little boy is the king of Bollywood today, he built his own empire with his own hands


This little boy is the king of Bollywood today, he built his own empire with his own hands

Entertainment Office: Thanks to social media, ordinary people can learn about the personal lives of their favorite stars. Whether it’s wanting to know the personal lives of stars or what they looked like in childhood, people are also very interested in old photos. Childhood photos of Bollywood stars often go viral on social media. This time, the photo of this Bollywood star has gone viral.

Recently, a photo of a little baby has been making the rounds on social networks. The picture is a Bollywood star! But a lot of people don’t understand who he is. Many take their favorite star’s name based on guesswork. See if you recognize this child? An important clue about him is that he is currently a popular director in Bollywood.

Can you guess the child’s identity? Second clue to know the child, he has a lot of photos about friendship, love, love. Shah Rukh Khan, Kajal, Rani Mukerji were eager to work with him in the 90s. This is famous Bollywood director Karan Johar. This little child is his childhood counterpart.

The social media viral cutie is seen posing for the camera with a smile on her face wearing a sweater. Karan Johar fans loved his movie. Over the past 2 decades, many hit projects like “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, “Kavi Khushi Kaavi Gham”, “Ay Dile Mushkil”, “Student of the Year” have been released by Karan.

Karan’s own production company is called Dharma Productions. Apart from directing the film, his company also produces. Now he hosts ‘Koffee with Karan’. His talk show is also very popular among the public. But there are a lot of controversies about it. The fire of the nepotism controversy, especially with Karan, is not yet extinguished.

In Karan Johar’s films, only famous stars or the children of stars have a chance, there is no place for foreigners in his films. After the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the whole country started pointing fingers at Karan. Yet, due to this controversy, netizens have sometimes called for a boycott of Karan’s film. The director is also under a lot of pressure with the upcoming ‘Brahmastra’ movie.

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