This popular actress is Sabyasachi, on-screen wife again in Aindrila’s memorial series

This popular actress is Sabyasachi, on-screen wife again in Aindrila’s memorial series

Bangladeshi office: A month has already passed since the death of Aindrila Sharma. Sabyasachi Chowdhury, the dearest person, slowly tries to advance his memory. After the actress passed away, she also stayed away from social media, in the limelight. But what can we take?

Actors and actresses are always under glass. And netizens are more curious and worried about Sabyasachi. Even the scene of Sabyasachi’s last kiss on Aindrila’s feet before her cremation was shared on social media. A few days ago, Sabyasachi returned to training after appearing in front of the camera on the night of the end of the year.

So it goes without saying that the news of his return to the movies will become a hot topic. Sabyasachi will return to the small screen very soon as Sadhak Ramprasad, sources tell Telepara. Surinder Films is in charge of producing the series. Now the heroine’s name has been revealed.

According to media sources, Sushmili Acharya of “Soudamini Sansar” fame will be seen as the on-screen wife of Ramprasad i.e. Sabyasachi. He was also seen in “Karunamayi Rani Rasmani”. Sushmili said talks about the series are still in the initial stages. But rumors say that the promo filming for the series has already been done.


Sabyasachi recently attended the end-of-year party at his cafe ‘HODOLS’. Sabyasachi opened this cafe with actor friends Saurabh Das and Divya Prakash. ‘HODOLS’ is not old. Aindrila was also around the cafe. He chatted with everyone in this cafe several times from the day it opened.

He had been hiding for so long. But the friends didn’t let Sabyasachi be alone on the last night of the year. He was seen at the cafe with Saurabh and Divya. Sabyasachi is no longer the mustache and beard look. He was seen in a casual clean-shaven outfit, a plain sweatshirt and jeans. Netizens are happy to see Sabyasachi back after so long. However, his pale face in front of the camera did not escape anyone. But everyone counts the days to see it again on television.

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