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This series of owls will make you sweat even on winter days, don’t forget to play it in front of the children

This series of owls will make you sweat even on winter days, don’t forget to play it in front of the children

In today’s era, web series are one of the entertainment mediums of the current generation. Viewers can watch any web series they want at their convenience and time. Needless to say, there are currently several web-based platforms, which always provide stunning series to entertain the audience. And ‘Ullu’ is one such platform. It should be noted that currently part of the audience likes to watch daring web series. He enjoyed every scene. “Ullu” has brought its audience one bold web series after another, which is embarrassing to watch alone. Recently, five such series are being developed based on his bold scenes.

1) Palang Tor Siskian: This is one of the bold series from Ullur. The series is entirely based on the physical relationship between stepfather and grandmother. In this case, the grandmother of the house gradually engaged in physical relations with the stepfather. Needless to say, every scene in this series has a feeling of ultimate audacity. The series stars Noor Malvika and Tarkesh Chauhan opposite each other. Note that the two seasons of this series will be seen in Ullu.

2) Mom and Daughter: In this series, the daughter’s mother gets involved with her boyfriend. The girl was in love with a boy named Karthik. She asks Kartik for permission to call her at home as her mother is having a party. So how did Kartik get involved with the girl as well as her mother! The story continues with this. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of daring scenes in this series, which part of the audience undoubtedly enjoyed.

3) Jalebi Bai: “Jalebi Bai” is one of Ullu’s most popular web series. His 3 series are very popular with the current public. Riddhima Tiwari plays one of the main characters in this series. She is widely recognized as a brave screen actress. According to the story of this web series, Riddhima Tiwari in the series is a greedy woman who will go all the way for money. Brother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law have physical relationships with almost everyone on the show’s screen. Note that in this series, the actress is more daring than necessary in several scenes. And they will be ashamed to see all these scenes. Right now, some previews of all these scenes have gone viral on social media pages. And based on his sources, I am thinking of Jalebi Bhabhi on screen at the moment i.e. Riddhima Tiwari.

4) Shahad: In this series, the story is mainly about the closeness of Deor and Boudi. After marriage, the woman is more attracted to her daughter-in-law than to her husband. The boy also became physically attracted to his stepdaughter. Gradually they began to grow closer in love. And the story progresses based on that relationship.

5) Daraha: The story begins with two brothers and their separated married lives. Later, how the two brothers’ separate lives together turned all the equations upside down! How will Bhasur be related to brother’s daughter-in-law and wife? You have to watch this whole series to find out.

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