This time Farhana Milli’s hero is Rashed Shiman

This time Farhana Milli’s hero is Rashed Shiman

For the first time, Rashed Shimant has teamed up with sensational Manpura actress Farhana Milli. The name of the play is “Wedding”. The play is directed by AB Rokon with a screenplay by Subata Raheek Zarifa based on the story by Tipu Alam Milan.

It also featured Oliul Haque Rumi, Shafiq Khan Dilu and many more. Almost all the dramas in which Rashed Shimonat has acted have crossed millions of views. It is extremely popular with theater-mad audiences. Rashed Shiman is one of the best actors in television media today.

The play was recently filmed in Uttara, Dhaka. Rashed Shimant is very optimistic about the piece. Storyteller Tipu Alam Milan said that the hero of the play, Jaglul Haider, got married one after another concealing the information and changed his position after a few days. Jaglul Haider does not marry any ordinary man. He marries helpless poor girls suffering from incurable diseases and takes all the responsibilities to feed them and feed them well.

In this way, the number of Jaglul Haider’s marriages increased one after another. His assistant Siddiq helped him with this. Jaglul Haider paid tribute to Jaglul Haider who found a bride for a new marriage. In the 16th marriage, Labani became the wife of Jaglul Haider. Labani also suffers from a terminal illness; But like ten other ordinary girls, Labani wants to serve her husband, which none of Jaglul’s former wives did. Jaglul was surprised. Slowly Jaglul began to develop a fondness for Labani. But Jaglul married many others.

So they didn’t like him? You’ll have to wait to see the play to find that answer. It will be broadcast on Boishakhi television.

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