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This time Mahi comes as ‘Kapila’, and Mishu is ‘Kuber’

This time Mahi comes as ‘Kapila’, and Mishu is ‘Kuber’

You must remember the movie ‘Padma Nadiman Majhi’ released in 1993. The characters of Kuber and Kapila in this movie are still etched in the hearts of the audience. Now these two characters are being brought to the small screen. These two characters are part of a special drama series named “Emon Je Hada”. Small screen actress Samira Khan Mahi will be seen as Kapila in the drama. And Mishu Sabbir will be considered Kub.

Abu Hayat Mahmud and Saidur Rahman Russel are directing the drama “Emon Je Hato” written by Rajibul Islam Rajeev. It is produced by Saju Muntasir under the banner of 1952 Entertainment Productions. It is produced for Machranga Television. The drama is currently filming in Bangkok. Samira Khan Mahi has already participated in the filming of the drama.

Referring to the drama, Mahi said, “It’s a completely different story. The characters are also interesting. Although there is a pair here, there are no scenes of them together. I work like Kapila here. And Mishu Sabbir’s brother plays the role of Kuber here. I will be seen here in very different clothes. I believe the public will like it.

Besides Mahi and Mishu, several other actors will appear in the play as historical and popular figures from various past eras. In which actor Chashi Alam will appear as the monster from Aladdin. Jovan will be seen as Devdas. Mukit Zakaria will be seen in the role of Bhanu of Dhaka, inspired by the famous actor from Upper Bengal, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay.

During this time, Mahi also shot some plays in Bangkok. Apart from filming, he also plans to go there with his family. The actress is due to return home at the end of this month.

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