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This time Parineeti Chopra in an action movie


This time Parineeti Chopra in an action movie

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra has already created discussion with her new movie “Code Name Tiranga”. This time, the actress is getting a lot of praise as she dedicates the new film as a tribute to all the unknown defenders of India. Parineeti said, “Code Name Tiranga” is dedicated to all spy agents in India. The country’s brave warriors, agents and those who have given everything to protect our country. I have been fascinated by the work of these people all my life.

He also said, “One of the main tactics of spy agents is hand-to-hand combat. I took a Krav Maga martial arts course for about three months to perform the action sequences. But being a girl, it was not easy for me to do the job. Also, most of my actions in the movie were against men, who were much taller than me. Public interest in the film will continue in theaters. He also said, “I feel very proud and honored to honor the nation’s warriors with my work. These warriors have saved our country countless times with courage and bravery. Their lives have inspired us to become better people and we are all indebted to them. Parineeti played the role of a spy agent in Rivu Dasgupta’s “Code Name Tiranga”. We see him working hard from the beginning to embody the character.

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra.

Actress Parineeti Chopra has impressed fans with very few films in her career. In this sequence, for the first time, he came on screen as a full-action avatar. After the release of the film, the storm blows. Parineeti’s different appearance in Treasure heightened audience curiosity. Excited by the appreciation from fans, the actress said, “I’m very lucky as an actress. Because I’ve always wanted to appear on screen in an action avatar. But I don’t I haven’t had this opportunity before. Finally this dream has come true. After listening to the story of this movie, I felt that there couldn’t be a better movie to express myself fully. I tried to act my best. I was thrilled to be in an action movie for the first time in my 11th year of career. I’m really impressed with the response the movie is getting from audiences. As a kid, I thought that I would grow up to be a spy agent. A childhood dream came true with this film.’

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra.

Parineeti Chopra turns 34 on October 22. He graduated from Manchester Business School with three majors in business, finance and economics. The actress said: “I’m not happy with the work I’ve done over the past five years. I had faith in myself. Filmmakers who interest me but don’t offer me. I wouldn’t have signed for the photos entirely from my heart. I was unhappy. It all started with a surprise with great potential. She will next be seen in ‘Animal’ opposite Ranbir Kapoor.

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