This time Srimayi took charge of Kanchan’s house

This time Srimayi took charge of Kanchan’s house

Tollywood actor and MP for Trinamool, Kanchan Mallick, is involved in an extramarital affair with famous ‘Krishnakali’ TV actress, Srimoy Chattraj. Kanchan’s wife, Pinki Banerjee, threw a tantrum last year.

The uproar over this did not subside, and the case even turned into a trial. However, Kanchan claims he has no other relationship with Srimayi outside of work. Over time, the issue is somewhat obscured. But a few months ago, Srimayi-Kanchan made headlines. It’s still a matter of marriage. Although Shrimayi expressed his anger about it.

Within months, Srimayi-Kanchan was back in the news. Because Kali Puja is held at Kanchan Mallick after many years. And MP Kanchan gave full responsibility for this puja to his alleged girlfriend Srimayi. And Shrimayi is very busy with that.

In an Indian newspaper, Shrimayi said: “The neighbors are all there. Kanchandar’s aunt will come. I have already understood my part. I said I’ll make the arrangement in front of mom. In this house is the statue of Kalighat’s mother. Not only that, the actress also said that Srimayi invited some of her friends to Kanchan’s house without telling Kanchan.

Shrimayi will go to Kanchan at 6 p.m. today. The hands must be engaged in worship; So get ready to leave as soon as possible. How to dress on this special day? In response to this question, Shrimayi said, “What does the familiar dwarf need?” I still haven’t decided how to dress.

Last year, Srimayi made it clear to the media that she considers Kanchan Mallick an older brother, friend, teacher and mentor. But netizens have doubts about his statement. In their words – ‘No one can take responsibility for house worship! Usually family members do these things. These actions of Srimayi prove that she has a deep relationship with Kanchan.

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