This time the visually impaired are also part of Sisimpur


This time the visually impaired are also part of Sisimpur

Sisimpur means children’s paradise. A state where children become an ikri-halum-tuktuki. In the context of Bangladesh, no other initiative is more useful or effective in developing the minds of children.

But has anyone thought that blind children – where is their place in Sisimpur? The Sisimpur authorities thought about it even if it was a bit late. They took the initiative to publish the Sisimpur series of special books for visually impaired children.

As part of this initiative, ten of Sisimpur’s popular books will be published in Braille. The books are being prepared by the Prash Foundation. The books will be distributed free of charge to schools for visually impaired children. These books will also be available at later book fairs.

On this occasion, a bilateral agreement was signed between Sisimpur and Sparsh Foundation at the headquarters of Sisemi Workshop Bangladesh. The agreement was signed on behalf of Sisimpur by Mohammad Shah Alam, National Managing Director of the organization and Nazia Zabeen, Founder and President of the organization on behalf of the Sparsh Foundation.

Sisimpur’s Managing Director, Mohammad Shah Alam, said, “Sisimpur wants to reach every child in Bangladesh. By publishing books in Braille, we have taken a step closer to our goal.’

Welcoming Sisimpur’s braille book publishing initiative, Parsha Foundation Founder, Nazia Zabeen said, “Thanks to this initiative, even visually impaired children can now freely enter the fun kingdom of Sisimpur.

It should be noted that in 2022, Sisimpur won the globally acclaimed Kidscreen Award for its children’s programs. This series is very popular with children and has been streaming on BTV since April 15, 2005. Sisimpur continues its digital and school activities alongside its television activities.

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