This Tollywood producer and actress remarried with a child.


This Tollywood producer and actress remarried with a child.

bangladeshi the pulpit: Ravindar and Mahalaxmi wedding season now. Especially entertainment stars get married at different times of the year. Be it Bollywood or Tollywood, we are also interested in knowing the details of celebrity weddings. And if this marriage is so heavy, there is no doubt.

Tollywood is now getting married. The actress is said to be marrying the famous producer. But here, Tollywood is talking about the Southern industry. Famed South Ravindar producer Chandrasekaran and actress and video jockey Mahalaxmi tied the knot on Thursday. The wedding photos of the two have gone viral on social media.

The photo of the newlyweds is going viral mainly because of the trolling for the producer’s heavy look and the uniqueness of Mahalakshmi’s outfit. The Tamil producer faced criticism and abuse even on the wedding day for being overweight. Many people have asked, did the wedding really take place or for a shoot? Some even commented that the beautiful actress does not accept him next to his wife.

Mahalakshmi however is happy with her new life. Sharing the wedding photo, he wrote, “Glad to have you in my life.” You have filled my life with your warm love, loving mom. Industry colleagues sent their best wishes for Mahalakshmi.

It is known that Mahalakshmi spoke to the producer on the set. After the introduction, the two fell in love and soon got married. This is Rabindra and Mahalakshmi’s second marriage. Mahalakshmi also has a child. Both started their new life worshiping at the Tirupati Balaji Temple.

Incidentally, Mahalakshmi’s career began as a conductor. He acted in several soap operas like Office, Uru Kai Usai, Baani Rani. On the other hand, Rabindra Chandrasekharan is the leading producer in the Tamir industry. Mahalakshmi Ravindra went on honeymoon after her wedding.

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