Thomas Hammer Presents New Arts & Entertainment Fall Lineup – News


Thomas Hammer Presents New Arts & Entertainment Fall Lineup – News

For those looking to get away from the big chains for their daily coffee, Thomas Hammer has brewed drinks and more on the campus of Gonzaga University.

Located in the student lounge at the Jepson Center, the cafe is offering four fall drinks this year, with favorite throwbacks and new tryouts.

“Toasted Marshmallow Mocha” is also back, with toasted marshmallow syrup, chocolate sauce and toasted marshmallow whipped cream and a graham cracker crust. The traditional “pumpkin cream” is also back, made with pumpkin sauce, white chocolate and pumpkin spice.

The “Maple Orange Zest Latte” is new to the menu this fall. It features maple flavored syrup with real steamed orange zest to bring out the orange flavor in the zest. The drink is topped with pumpkin spice.

Thomas Hammer has a new whole bean that’s part of the limited menu.

“It’s a very limited batch, so once it’s gone, it’s gone forever,” said GU store manager Ashley Birkland. “It’s called the ‘Papua New Guinea Shaken Oat Milk Latte.’ oats, followed by two shots of cold brew from Papua New Guinea.

Birkland also teased new fall foods that will be hitting stores soon.

Thomas Hammer is also bringing back some popular seasonal drinks and making them part of the permanent menu. These include “Lavender Matcha”, “Tommy Thai Cha”, and “Anko Peach Fruit Freeze”.

Thomas Hammer started at GU when its founder, Thomas Hammer, was a student at GU. The cafe started as a school project. It has now evolved into 19 locations spread across Spokane and Idaho.

“It was founded locally and we operate locally,” Birkland said.

Birkland described how the downtown location housed all the treats.

“It’s where we do all the behind-the-scenes stuff, like bookkeeping, training, and we also have our own bakery, so everything you see in the window is homemade and delivered fresh,” Burkeland says. .

The GU location also offers promotions unique to the Zags. In the past, students could wear GU Spirit clothing or merchandise and get a few dollars off their drinks. Coupons were offered during first-year orientations, redeemable only at Jepson locations.

Birkland’s regular orders also contain drink recommendations for tired students.

“I would recommend the ‘Caramanilla,’ which has caramel sauce and vanilla bean syrup,” Birkland said. “It must be a very good drink; It’s comparable to Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. If you’re looking to ditch some of the big coffee brands like Starbucks and go for something local, this is a good drink because it’s comparable.

Thomas Hammer can cater to all coffee drinking habits, from regular black coffee drinkers to non-coffee drinkers like the elder McKenna Cree.

“I would say my drink is chai,” Cray said. “I like that it’s not as strong as coffee and you notice there’s a subtle boost to the flavor. I love them [Thomas Hammer’s] Chai, mostly because I think they have a milder sweet note than you can get at a place like Starbucks.”

Birkeland encourages new students and anyone who frequents campus to check out Thomas Hammer, not just for the drinks, but also for the quiet study space and outdoor patio.

“Stop and give it a try,” Birkeland said. “A shot of espresso if you want.”

Marissa Conter is an A&E writer. Follow her on Twitter: @marissaconter.

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