Those who are in Sanjeev Utsav XI

Those who are in Sanjeev Utsav XI

He collected the poetry between the songs and brought the poetry to life in the songs. This exceptional style of sound and tone touched many others. The public was not mistaken there either, finding the diamond in the pile of glass. His songs spread like fresh air not only among contemporaries but also among the next generation. Therefore, even after 15 years of his death, the public have kept him in their hearts. Not only on birthdays or deaths, but in the age of technology, his songs often circulate on social media.

Sanjib Chowdhury is the name of the man who left an extraordinary fascination for music and journalism. His birthday is Sunday (December 25) according to the calendar. If he had lived, he might have given other wonderful creations to the generation. However, what happened, that or less!

A concert is held almost every year on the occasion of Sanjeev Chowdhury’s birthday. Who is called ‘Sanjeev Utsav’. This time is no exception. The event takes place at the premises of the Student Teacher Center (TSC) of the University of Dhaka.

Sanjeev Chowdhury in the hills The eleventh season of the festival begins from 4 p.m. on Sunday (December 25). There are 15 solo artists and 3 bands performing. In which the single list includes Limon, Labik Kamal Gaurav, Joy Shahriar, Armin Musa, Sandhi, Salekin, Shubhra, Riyad Hasan, Sasash Mostafiz, Suhrid Swagat, Arghya, Rafsan, Lisan, Palash and Piju. The list of groups includes Bangla Five, Durg, Coleslow and Dhaka University Cultural Society.

Talking about the main idea of ​​launching this festival, Joy Shahriar said, “We grew up listening to Sanjeevda’s songs. His music was not just entertainment but a vision of Sanjeevda. It’s the collective arrangement of those of us who hold that vision as singer-songwriters. For the music and philosophy of Sanjeevda to spread to the next generation.

Joy Shahriar believes it is undoubtedly a great thing to continue an event in the capital for eleven consecutive years. This is possible thanks to the love of Sanjeev’s lovers. The organizer commented: “We never thought of such a big event full of glitter. not yet Our main goal is to make it a festival where Sanjeev lovers come to TSC every December to see the event.

Sanjeev Chowdhury It should be noted that Sanjib Chowdhury was born on December 25, 1964 in the Makalkandi village of Baniachang upazila of Habiganj. He studied at the University of Dhaka. A graduate in journalism, he has worked in the country’s main media. Along with this, he continued to practice music and literature.

Sanjeeb Chowdhury mainly sang kathapradhan. In his songs, alongside love-discord, one could find the deprivation, regret and protest of civil life. Nandit is the artist who formed the popular group ‘Dalchut’ with Bappa Majumdar. Some of the popular songs in his voice are- ‘Aam Tokei Baile Debo’, ‘Gadi Chali Na’, ‘Aam Aandhye Dhiho Chand’, ‘Aam Backi Pacha Chai’, ‘Chokhta Ato Burnaye Ken’, ‘Open Toma Tomar Kholo Anand Bhao ‘, ‘Bioscope’ etc.

Sanjib Chowdhury died on November 19, 2007 while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Dhaka. Sanjeev Chowdhury

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