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Those who get the National Film Award 2021

Those who get the National Film Award 2021

This year, 34 awards are given in 27 categories of films selected from 2021 for a special contribution to the film industry.

On Sunday afternoon, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting released the list of winners of the National Film Awards 2021 in 27 categories.

The ministry has informed by notification – famous actors Dolly Zahoor and Ilyas Kanchan are receiving lifetime honors for 2021. This year, 34 awards are given in 27 categories.

At this year’s event, ‘Lal Morgag Jhunti’ and ‘Nonajaler Kavya’ were jointly selected as the best films. Rezwan Shahriar Sumit (Kavya de Nonajal) won Best Director. Md jointly won the Best Actor award. Siam Ahmed (Mridha against Mridha) and Mir Sabbir Mahmud (Ratzaga Phul). Best Actress was also jointly chosen.

They are – Ajmeri Haque Bandhan (Rehana Mariam Noor) and Tasnova Tamanna (Nonajaler Kavya). The film “Nonajaler Kavya” won seven awards, including Best Director and Best Actress at this year’s event.

In addition, Best Short Film Aka Reza Ghalib (Dhar), Best Documentary Kawsar Chowdhury (One Day at Badhyabhmi), Best Supporting Actor M Fazlur Rahman Babu (Nonajaler Kavya), Best Supporting Actress Shampa Reza (Padmapuraan ), Best Supporting Actor Khal. Maryland Abdul Mannan Jayaraj (Red Rooster’s Comb), Best Actor Prabhas Kumar Bhattacharya Milan (Mridha vs Mridha), Best Child Artist Afia Tabassum (Rehana Maryam Noor), Best Music Director Sujay Shyam (Jivati ​​Kanya Man), Best Singer KM Abdullah-Al-Murtaza Muhin (I came to listen today-Padmapuraan), Best Singer Chandana Mazumder (see the picture is crazy hobby-Padmapuraan), Best Late Lyricist Gazi Mazharul Anwar (Antar Antar Jal-Jaivati ​​​Kanya Mana), Best Composer Sujay Shyam (Antar Antar Jal-Jaivati ​​Daughter’s Mind), Best Storyteller Rezwan Shahriar Sumit (Salt Water Poetry), Best Screenplay Noorul Alam Atiq (Red Rooster’s Comb), Best Dialogue Writer Tauqeer Ahmed (Sphaling), Best Editor Sameer Ahmed (Red Rooster’s Comb) Comb), Best Art Director Shihab Noorun Nabi (Poetry of Nonajal), Best Cinematographer Team-Syed Kashef Shahbaji, Suman Kumar Sarkar, Mazharul Islam Raju (Comb of Red Rooster), Best Sound Designer Shaib Talukder (Rehana Maryam Noor), Best Costume and Decoration Idila Kachrin Farid (Poetry of Nonajal).

The best team of makeup artists – Md. Farooq, Md. Farhad Reza Milon (Red Rooster’s Comb) and Jannatul Mawa Jhelik (What Gets Lost) received special prizes in the children’s category.

Note that a total of 45 films, including 21 feature films, 17 short films and 7 documentaries released this year, have been submitted for the National Film Awards 2021. A 13-member jury formed by the ministry selects the best among them.

As a reward, each selected person will receive an 18-karat gold medal weighing 15 grams, a replica of the medal and a one-time fee and certificate.

This lifetime winner will get Rs 3 Lakh, Best Feature Film Producer, Best Director Rs 2 Lakh and other winners will get Rs 1 Lakh.

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