Threats to kill Urfi, what the actress said – Dainik Amader Shomoy


Threats to kill Urfi, what the actress said – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Indian television actress Urfi Javed. old photo

Indian TV actress Urfi Javed has been the subject of a fashion controversy. He’s always in the news wearing weird clothes. This time, the actress received death threats because of her clothes. So he replied on his Instagram account.

Indian newspaper Anandabazar reported that sometimes Urfi’s fashion is praised by some, while many others criticize it. But now, a few steps ahead, a group of internet users have threatened Urfi with death. And he was threatened by well-known social media face “Hindustani Bhau” aka Bikash Phatak.

Not only this well-known YouTuber, Urfi has also received death threats from trolls because of his clothes. This actress answered them.

In a recent video of herself, Hindustani Bhau told Urfi, “You will reform or I will reform you…” The actress claimed Urfi was threatened by the statement.

In response to this, Urfi wrote on his Instagram account, “Is it the culture of this country that you are abusing people!” I can go to the police because you threatened me. I can put you in jail.

This actress did not stop there. He also wrote: “What a beautiful message you send to young people by threatening girls who are half your age with prison!

Urfi said that Hindustani Bhau expressed her desire to work with Urfi a few months ago. But this YouTuber declined the offer, he said.

Questioning the safety of women, he also wrote in this post, “If even as a celebrity you must receive death threats, then where is the safety of ordinary girls?”

And Urfi’s message to those who constantly threaten to kill him: “I think everyone is threatening to kill me on social media. I haven’t hurt anyone, so I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m just worried about my safety. Through such incidents, the message is given to ordinary people that if a woman’s clothes don’t please anyone, then she can be hit and threatened!

Anandbazar reports also stated that Urfi asked fans to answer these questions.

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